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EAO Salesian Family delegates resolution 2018-2021

By Our Own Correspondent

Anisakan, Myanmar, 21 August 2018 -- After 3 days (Aug 18-20) of hardwork and family interaction at Anisakan, Myanmar, the 30 participants of the EAO Salesian family delegate formation formulated their personal and province level ‘resolution’ or ‘plan of action’. Two years after a 2016 three-fold Salesian Family formation in Seoul - K'Long and Cebu, it was another precious occasion to deepen our believe in the Salesian Family and foster more effective animation of the 15 SF groups present in our EAO region.

Salesian past pupils (SDB and FMA) pledged the following:

    give more time to the Salesian Family (Alumni) and take more courage to talk about SF movement whenever the occasion comes, always contribute to the education of the young, bring the light of truth in each corner of the society, as president of Alumni, to learn about Association, what to do and on what to focus.

SDB and FMA formulated their personal action plan in the following terms:

  • Share the ‘Salesian Family Identity Charter’ (2012) in their home province
  • Share with the lay: parishioners, parents about Salesian Cooperators vocation
  • Personal ongoing formation: study and reflect in order to foster Alumni formation
  • Talk to our present students about the Salesian family
  • Start a new centers of Salesian Cooperators in not-yet existing communities
  • Personal update about the Salesian spirituality and respective SF group formation
  • Coordinate more with the rectors to establish the Alumni and Salesian Cooperators
  • Be more familiar with the Identity Charter
  • Be more proactive and courageous in talking to SDB about the Salesian family
  • Study, meditate, put in practice the new ‘Salesian Family delegate guidelines’ (2018)
  • Now very much convinced to promote the SF Identity Charter (ed. 2012) and distribute it to each confrere in our vice-province, also on the 1st profession

Some resolutions at the EAO province level

  • Formation to SDB about Salesian Family vocations, both for ongoing and initial formation confreres to understand ‘Salesian’ vocation (not just SDB) in order to believe more in the Salesian Family
  • Print out the Project of Apostolic life in Burmese and launch the first ASC Center
  • Decide the date for the Salesian Family Day at province level, celebrate every year
  • Ask the provincial to appoint a delegate for each Salesian Family group & center
  • Study and reflect on SF Charter as province or in few community groups
  • Remind our provincial that he is the head of Salesian Family Consulta (Council)
  • Step 1: inform the provincial about SF-EAO formation, Step 2: one meeting with the SDB council and give the SF Charter and then to all other SDB (what we can do = discussion); Step 3: calling the SDB delegates (from all groups) inform about EAO-SF and make a plan together; Step 4: after consulting the groups, the SDB provincial will call the meeting; Step 5: at the beginning of next year call the commission for Salesian family (not yet working in our province); Step 6: continue our provincial plan for the Salesian Family
  • Translate the basic materials in Khmer, Burmese…. (SF Charter, PAL..)

At the end all expressed their gratitude to Fr. Eusebio Muñoz, Delegate of the RM for the Salesian Family and also to the Don Bosco Alumni World delegate, Fr. Jayapalan Raphael. In his final remark Fr. Eusebio expressed his satisfaction with excellent hospitality and preparation of the meeting and appreciated the open and receptive attitude of all present.

In the large green compound of Myanmar ‘mother house’ of Anisakan we find also the SDB and FMA cemetery. Our Nazareth apostolic school boys pray almost daily for the 8 Salesians of Don Bosco and one FMA sister who rest here. On the last day also the EAO Salesian family seminar participants went to pray and get know about one exceptional figure – Fr. Fortunato Giacomin, SDB (1920-2000) with a short talk by Fr. Joachim Ye Maung.

We give thanks to the wonderful commitment of the Myanmar Salesian family (esp. their Past Pupils), Fr. Bosco Win (SF Delegate, MYM) and his team as well for the ongoing support of the MYM Viceprovince superior Fr. Charles Saw. We will remember for a long time the wonderful days in Anisakan - Nazareth & Retreat Center, in the Pyin Oo Lwin postnovitiate as well the beauty of Mandalay Royal palace and thousands of pagodas!

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