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Looking for Guidelines in Translation Ministry

By Our Own Correspondent

Yangon, Myanmar, 24 July 2019 -- The series of interviews with people currently involved in translation and who will be attending the EAO Translation Workshop to be held at Anisakan, Myanmar later in August continues. Fr Pascal Kyaw will be taking part in this Workshop along with another 20 Salesians from the Region and a further 10 members of Salesian Family Groups in the Region. Your prayers are requested for this important upcoming event.

How did you start out or how did you learn to translate Salesian texts?

I got my inspiration to translate some Salesian texts into Burmese when I was in Pre-Novitiate. Fortunately, in my Novitiate year, my Novice Master Fr. Edward Sein Myint SDB encouraged to translate some of articles of the Constitutions. After my first Profession, I started with some friends to translate a small booklet about the biography of Don Bosco. Then, from time to time, I was asked to contribute in this translation work.

Who or what was more helpful in your translation ministry?

Some of my understanding superiors and encouraging friends were helpful in term of the persons in my translation ministry. Later, the Salesian online library became helpful for me.

What were the main obstacles in the translations and how did you face them?

The main obstacles for me were the loss of enthusiasm while doing the work, the limited knowledge of technical terms and the time management to be more dedicated. When I faced those difficulties I tried to encourage myself and ask the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to carry on the work I had started.

Which tools are you using in your translation work?

The tools I use are a good dictionary, Google and my humble note books

How do you guarantee the consistency of Salesian terminology?

Consistency in writing is much required for us to be careful. I tried to approach some elderly confreres who know more about Salesian terminology. Salesian materials or books published officially by the Rector Major are also helpful for me to learn those terms.

What suggestion you can offer to the starting SDB translators?

Sincerely speaking, I myself am the one starting to make the effort in Translation Ministry. It would be much better to do this work eagerly and passionately and from the part of the superiors, they should encourage and support those who are gifted in this field.

Some suggestions for personal and group translators formation?

I feel we would be better to have a well-organized team who will really work hard and help them to produce the books they have put their translation effort into.

Suggestions for concrete team-work at provincial level, regional level?

It would be nice if we can produce guidelines to work with the team and follow up seriously.

NB: Fr. Paschal takes part in the incoming EAO 2nd Translators Workshop in Anisakan, Myanmar (August 2019) together with other 20 Salesians and other 10 members of the Salesian Family. Your prayers for the incoming workshop are requested!

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