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FIS novitiate batch at Valdocco: 

Fr. Randy Figuracion, Br. Ed Villordon, Bro. Manny Gacayan and Fr.Cyril Cardinal

Interview with two Salesian Brothers

who celebrate 30 years of religious life:
Bros. Ed Villordon and Manny Gacayan

By Our Own Correspondent

Cebu, the Philippines, 4 April 2018 -- What makes you joyful as Salesian Brother?

The gift of being called a Salesian of Don Bosco and the availability to share my God-given talents for and with the young and lay mission partners makes me joyful as a Salesian Brother.

To see my former students/trainees become successful in life: have families, find work, become priests/brothers, etc.

How were you attracted to this form of Salesian vocation?

My initial attraction to become a Salesian Brother was the significant encounters with the Salesian brothers and the experience of being with the aspirants to the brotherhood during my high school.

I could still recall as a new student in Don Bosco Technical High School – Cebu (now Don Bosco Technology Center) of my memorable meetings with of Salesian Brothers: Bro. Nick Aguila was our English teacher; (former) Bro. Mario Sarita who was taking charge of the woodworking which was my first workshop, playing in the football field or animating the school music; Bro. Tony Hopida who was animating the Boy Scouts which I also joined.

During my first year in DBTHS (DBTC), I came to meet and become interested about a group of students who were called aspirants. First among them, my elder brother Daeniel entered the aspirantate. Then I had classmates who were also aspirants. There were also others in the other sections and year levels ahead of us. My meetings with them and observing them in school, I came to know that they were aspirants of the Salesian Brother Seminary. In my second year, I became an aspirant to the Salesian Brotherhood.

During the aspirantate, my attraction to the Salesian Brotherhood intensified in meeting more brothers like Bro. Silvano Rettore, Bro. Alex Abelgas, Bro. Carlo Bacalla and Bro. Bert Tena. This attraction was reinforced with the life and activities with my fellow aspirants of the Salesian Brother Aspirantate.

My models are Bro Sylvano Rettore, Bro Stephen Giubergia, Bro Nicolas Aguila and Bro Carlo Bacalla.

What is the specific contribution of the Salesian Brother to the Salesian mission?

The witness of being a consecrated lay person is a unique contribution of the Salesian Brother to the Salesian mission. This witnessing is manifested in the brother’s availability to share his talents and competencies for the educative-pastoral programs for the young and in his closeness with the Lay Mission Partners.

Probably the main contribution is in the education sector!

How to make the vocation of Salesian Brother more visible in the Salesian Family in FIS?

As already mandated, the quality and quantity of the presence of the Salesians among the YOUNG OF TODAY is necessary to make the Salesian Vocation more visible in the Salesian Family.

Since we are few in number but the Salesian centers are increasing, focus the Brothers at one are: schools!

What does sustain and energize your vocation?

Personal commitment and accompaniment sustains and energizes my vocation.

Simple things in life: visit family, good food (Salesian house) and good place to rest (Salesian house).

How can you help our candidates and novices (in Lawaan) during their discernment about Brother or Cleric?

I can help in being available in whatever way possible during their formation and discernment.

How can the Salesian priest contribute to the Salesian Brother Vocation promotion?

Support the fraternal, spiritual, and financial needs of the Brothers.

Any suggestion for the path before or during the EAO 2018 Salesian Brothers Congress?

Formulate mechanism or structures to help in the implementation and monitoring of the Congress resolutions at the level of the Province: ex. Integrate with Province Directives and other province level planning (Overall Provincial Plan, Youth Ministry - Vocations, Formation Directory..)

Serious though whether communities now are REALLY SUPPORTING the Brothers.

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Bro. Ed Villordon, Bro. Lito dela Cruz and Bro. Manny Gacayan as 30 years Salesian Brothers (Apr 3, 1988-2018)


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