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  1. GEX - Young Alumni of Don Bosco: EAO 2018 Report - by Alberto Piedade

    Bangkok - Leadership Seminar, November 22-25, 2018 Program Presidents& Delegates Asia 2018 final version.pdf GEX (Giovani Exallievi- Report EAO 2018) For download:  Thailand Laos Hong Kong Macau Philippines Philippines South 2
    Date2018.11.25 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  2. World Congress Salesian Cooperators (2018)

    Fifth World Congress - Salesian Cooperators 2018 New World Coordinator - Mr. Antonio Boccia (Italy-Napoli) 2019-2024 Materials World Congress - Challenges of the Association (ENG) ENG - CHALLENGES AND DREAMS OF ASSCC.docx World Congress -  O...
    Date2018.10.29 CategoryASC Byvaclav
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  3. SIHM Sisters (Purapchai) - Thailand: Founder Mons. Gaetano Passoti (+1950)

    Profile of the SIHM Congregation Founder Bishop Gaetano Passoti (+1950) For download: tesi per stampare.docx
    Date2018.09.04 CategorySisters Byvaclav
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  4. Salesian Family delegate formation 2018

    Salesian Family Delegate Formation 2018 Anisakan, Myanmar August 18-20, 2018 Formation materials 1. Salesian Family delegate - guidelines Delegato Ispettoriale FS EN.pdf Delegato Ispettoriale FS EN.docx 2. Salesian Family commission - provin...
    Date2018.08.18 CategoryASC Byvaclav
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  5. Newsflash - Don Bosco Alumni 2018 June

    NEWSFLASH - English edition, June 2018 For download Newsflash DB Alumni 2018-June.pdf
    Date2018.06.30 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  6. Project of Apostolic Life - ASC Samoan

    PAL ed. 2013 SAMOAN VERSION translated by Fr. Sefo (AUL - Pacific Delegation) ASC-PAL 2013 Samoan edition 2018.pdf
    Date2018.04.27 CategoryASC Byvaclav
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  7. Don Bosco ALumni Newsflash 29 (2018 April)

    Don Bosco Alumni World Confederation Newsletter April 2018 - for download nf_pasqua_18_EN.pdf
    Date2018.04.08 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  8. Crescere 2018-2019

    VDB - Crescere 2018-2019 Crescere is the formation magazine of the VDB secular institute Issue 2019.2: Crescere #2 - 2019 (Part I) pdf.pdf Issue 2019.1: Crescere #1 - 2019.pdf Issue 2018.1: Crescere #1 - 2018.docx
    Date2018.03.19 CategoryVDB Byvaclav
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  9. CDB (Volunteers With Don Bosco) - AG 6 (6th General Assembly)

    AG6 (Genzano, Rome - 28th December 2017 - 5th January 2018) Documents for download: CDB-AG6.docx (ANS news) AG6 Doc Final Version en.docx (Final document ENG) Growth in Communion: Fr. Chavez CDB-Communion Chavez ITA.doc Growth in Communion: ...
    Date2018.01.01 CategoryCDB Byvaclav
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  10. Don Bosco ALumni Newsflash 27 (2017 September)

    Don Bosco Past Pupils World Confederation NEWSFLASH - September 2017 Newsflash-DB Alumni 2017 Sept.pdf FOR DOWNLOAD: Formative journey of Don Bosco Past Pupils (Salesian Holiness) Don Bosco Past Pupils-Formative Journey Liberatore.doc Blesse...
    Date2017.10.03 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  11. PAL (Project of Apostolic Life) - Japanese, Tetum, Portuguese, Korean,

    Project of Apostolic Life - Association of Salesian Cooperators (Progetto di Vita Apostolica) Ed. 2013 TRANSLATION INTO NIHONGO (JAPANESE) GIA SC PAL 会憲編.pdf (PAL - Statutes) SC PAL 会則編.pdf (PAL - Regulations) SC-PAL 表紙-OL.pdf (PAL -...
    Date2017.08.17 CategoryASC Byvaclav
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  12. No Image

    Don Bosco Alumni Newsflash 26 (2017 June)

    Don Bosco Alumni WORLD CONFEDERATION NEWSFLASH - June 2017 Newsflash DBAlumni 2017-06 ENG.pdf
    Date2017.08.04 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  13. Animation of Don Bosco Alumni

    ANIMATION OF DON BOSCO PAST PUPILS - EAO REGION Who are Don Bosco Past Pupils? What is their mission? How to start a new unit of young Past Pupils? What about formation? ..... many of these questions can help in the animation of the most pre...
    Date2017.07.14 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  14. CDB - Constitutions & Regulations 2014

        CDB Constitutions and Regulations 2014 ed   CDB - Constitutions ENG.pdf  - for download CDB - Constitutions ENG.docx  - for download   CHAPTER I. NATURE Y PURPOSE OF THE INSTITUTE                    4   ARTICLE 1. ORIGIN AND NOMENCLATUR...
    Date2017.07.13 CategoryCDB Byvaclav
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  15. VDB 100 - Letter of the Rector Major Fr. Angel

    Letter of the Rector Major for the 100th anniversary of the VDB (Volunteers of Don Bosco) Secular Institute FOR DOWNLOAD Letter of Fr. Angel, Rector Major Centenary Celebrations - Letter of Rector Major.pdf Centenary Celebrations - Letter of...
    Date2017.06.10 CategoryVDB Byvaclav
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  16. Don Bosco Past Pupils - World News Flash 2017

    FOR DOWNLOAD: DB Past Pupils News 2017-3.pdf Content - with many EAO regional news from/ about the Don Bosco Alumni - 2016 EAO Congress of DB Alumni in Timor Leste - Australia - Cambodia - Japan - Pakistan - Thailand provincial - Timor Lest...
    Date2017.04.15 CategoryEXDB Byvaclav
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  17. EAO Congress Salesian Cooperators - Tokyo 2017 (1)

    East Asia - Oceania Regional Congress of the Salesian Cooperators Tokyo, May 7-10, 2017 REPORTS FROM THE PROVINCES (2014-2017) CIN provincial report: Provincial Report-CIN.doc FIN provincial report: Provincial Report-FIN-PNG.docx FIS provinc...
    Date2017.04.03 CategoryASC Byvaclav
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  18. Salesian Family Spirituality Days 2017

     Salesian Family Spirituality Days 2017 Rome - Salesianum 400 participants (January 19-22) TALKS:  SF Spir Days 2017-TALK ENG.pdf >>> DOWNLOAD 1. Fr. Juan Jose Bartolome 2. Fr. Andrea Bozzolo - Theologian, Italy - Crocetta Torino 3. Fr. Fabi...
    Date2017.01.19 Byvaclav
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  19. Salesian Family Delegate formation EAO (2) Survey sharing

    EAO DOCUMENTS LIST (2) - continues EAO-SF 15 ASC Survey for ASC Delegates - Reflection Philip.pptx EAO-SF 16 SF Delegate Formation intro Vaclav.pptx EAO-SF 16 SF Delegate Formation Intro Vaclav +++.docx
    Date2016.11.15 Byvaclav
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  20. Salesian Family Delegate Formation 2016 EAO (1)

    2016 November EAO Formation for the Salesian Family Delegates (Seoul - K'Long - Cebu) FOR DOWNLOAD: EAO-SF 1 Formation Days Presentation ENG.docx EAO-SF 1 Formation Days Presentation ITA.docx EAO-SF 2 Groups of the SF ENG.docx EAO-SF 2 Group...
    Date2016.11.09 Byvaclav
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