2024 Salesian Family Spirituality Days

by vaclav posted Sep 30, 2023


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Salesian Family Spirituality Days

2024, January 18-21


Strenna 2024 Outline, RMStrenna 2024 RM-dream lesotho.docx

Strenna 2024 Commentary, RMITA - Strenna 2024 -DEFINITIVO.docx

                                                    ENG- Strenna 2024.pdf

The Dream that Makes You Dream: Dream-Don Bosco MO-1824.pdf

Memoirs of the Oratory (Don Bosco)Memoirs of the Oratory A5-final.pdf



The Childhood Dream

1. Andrea Bozzolo full versionBozzolo_childhood dream.pdf

2. Andrea Bozzolo short versionDB's-Childhood_dream-short.pdf


Round table (SF Spirituality Days, January 19)

GSFS2024 - Tavola Rotonda - Emilde Cuda - EN.docx

GSFS2024 - Tavola Rotonda - Bruno Ferrero - ITA - Genesi di una vocazione.docx

GSFS2024 - Tavola Rotonda - Bruno Ferrero - ENG.docx

GSFS2024 - Tavola Rotonda - Blazka Merkac - ENG.docx

GSFS2024 Linda Pocher FMA-Mary as our Teacher.docx


Resources for the SF Spirituality Days - Valdocco (World level)

A Dream that Endures.docx

Artist Regina Silva.docx

For goodnight Talks MYM .docx


Resources - East Asia Oceania level (Online) January 19-20

2023 sf1.jpg

2024 sf2.jpg

2024 sf3.jpg



Strenna posters for printing (high resolution version available)

For goodnight Talks MYM .docx

Saturday Witnesser 3 Leah Samson. My ADMA Story.docx


Saturday goodnight Talks MYM .docx

Winner poster Strenna Artist Regina Silva.docx




strenna 2024 cover.jpg



Convocation letter (comunique 1)

SF 2024 Spirituality Days-info 1.pdf

SF 2024 Spirituality Days info 1.docx


The Dream

Dream-Don Bosco MO-1824-page-001.jpg



Dream-Don Bosco MO-1824-page-002.jpg


AFM-Circular 2024-01 +-page-012.jpg


AFM-Circular 2024-01 +-page-011.jpg


Strenna 2024 poster3.jpeg