ADMA Congress preparation resources (2014-2016)

by vaclav posted Nov 07, 2022


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ADMA Philippines National Congress preparation

1. 2016 ADMA National Convention.png


ADMA National Congress Philippines (2014-2016)


2014 ADMA National Convention Booklet.pdf

2016 ADMA National Convention formation booklet.pdf

2016 ADMA National Convention Pre-Formation.pdf


Short overview of ADMA Philippines prepration for their National Conventions


A. For the International Congress, the pre congress materials were those published via ADMA on Line. 

- In 2011, with the theme "Totus Tuus" Fr. Roberto Carelli wrote formation materials in series prior to the August 2011 Congress in Poland.
- In 2019, with the theme "With Mary, the Woman who believes", Fr. Cameroni wrote a series of formation materials prior to November 2019 Congress in Argentina.
B. In the Philippines, prior to our National Convention, we've invited guest speakers to give a short formation talk regarding the National Convention's theme, with a guide questionnaire for the members' personal reflections, as our personal spiritual preparation prior to the conventions.
During the national convention, we've also prepared a booklet that includes the program of the convention and formation materials in relation with the theme.
- In 2014, we've invited Sr. Asela Chavez FMA and she gave the Formation talk regarding the Theme: "ADMA One with Juan: One Heart, One Home Towards Holiness".  Sr. Asela gave a presentation on the life of St. John Bosco at Becchi, in Chieri, in Convitto-Turin with a personal guide questionnaires for the ADMA members. 
- Same in 2016, Fr. Donnie Duya SDB gave the formation talk regarding the national convention's theme: "Pamilyang ADMA, tumutulad kay Maria sa Awa, Pag-unawa at Paggawa" (ADMA family imitates Mary in mercy, understanding and work/action"). It was also the Year of Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy (Dec. 8, 2015 to Nov. 20, 2016).