ADMA EAO Congress 2021 (Sept 11-12)

by vaclav posted Jul 14, 2021


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ADMA EAO Congress 2021

September 11-12


Day1: ADMA EAO 2021 Congress Day1.pdf

Day2: ADMA EAO 2021 Congress Day2+.pdf

EAO ADMA Congress 2021 add.jpg



Message of the Rector Major

ADMA3 Rector Major Message ITA-ENG.docx

Mary 2021 RM.jpg




Video - text files (English)

ADMA EAO 2021 Congress Day2+.pdf






Sharing during the Congress

Day 1: ADMA challenges 

Day 2: ADMA


Steering committee preparation meet1, meet2 

July 18 and Aug15, 2021


ADMA EAO 2021-07-18 prep meeting.pdf

6-ADMA EAO Region Congress 2021-draft10.docx 


Video files (ENG version



ADMA EAO Region Congress 2021-draft8-page-003.jpg




ADMA EAO Region Congress 2021-draft6-page-001 (2).jpg

ADMA EAO Region Congress 2021-draft6-page-002.jpg





2 ADMA EAO Congress timezones.jpg