Economic Solidarity Animation (ASC Cinzia Arena)

by vaclav posted Dec 13, 2020


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Animation of Economic Solidarity ASC



Animating Economic Solidarity (ASE: 2018)


(2018) Economic-Solidarity-2018-ENG-3-2020-Final.pptx

(2018) ASE-ASC Economic solidarity 2018.pdf

(2015) 2015-Economic Solidarity-ENG.docx

(1998) 1998-Economic Solidarity-ENG.rtf

           1998-Economic Solidarity-ITA.rtf

(1996) 1996-Economic Solidarity-ENG.pdf



ASE-cover 2018-page-001.jpg

index - Economic solidarity

ASE-ASC Economic solidarity 2018-page-001.jpg


ASE-ASC Economic solidarity 2018-page-002.jpg

Interview of ASC World Administrator (Ms Cinzia Arena, 2021)

ITA: ASC-Cinzia Arena interview ITA orig.docx

ENG: ASC-Cinzia Arena interview ENG.docx


Message of ASC World Admnistrator (Ms Cinzia Arena, 2020)

EAO-Salesian Cooperators Solidarity 2020-Cinzia.docx


Cinzia Arena ASC treasurer.jpg