Mamma Margaret

by vaclav posted Nov 21, 2020


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Mother of Don Bosco

Venerable Mamma Margaret (1788-1856)


Statue of Mamma Margaret (Valdocco, 2020)



Lemoyne: Mamma Margherita: 1956_LemoyneGB_Mamma_Margherita.pdf  (ITA)

Artur Lenti: Margaret Ochiena: Lenti-Margaret Ochiena 2000.pdf (ENG)

Mamma Margaret - Life sketch(ASC): Summary of the Life of Mama Margherita.doc

Bibliography - Mamma MargaretMargheritaBibliografia.doc


Pope Francis to the SDB in 2020, March: General Chapter 28


..."What would have become of Valdocco without the presence of Mamma Margaret?

Would your houses have been possible without this woman of faith?


In some regions and places “there are communities that have long preserved and handed on the faith even though no priest has come their way, even for decades.


This could happen because of the presence of strong and generous women who, undoubtedly called and prompted by the Holy Spirit, baptized, catechized, prayed and acted as missionaries.

For centuries, women have kept the Church alive in those places through their remarkable devotion and deep faith” (Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Querida Amazonia, 99).


Without a real, effective and affective presence of women, your works would lack the courage and the ability to transform presence into hospitality, into a home. Faced with the rigour that excludes, we must learn to generate the new life of the Gospel.


I invite you to implement approaches in which the female voice, her outlook and her actions – appreciated for her individuality – finds an echo in making decisions; not simply as a helper but as someone fully involved in your presences."