Salesian Family

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Salesian Family 

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(EAO present groups of Salesian Family - 2015)


1. Salesians of Don Bosco (+novices and bishops)  15.000+ (SDB)

2. Daughters of Mary Help of Christians  13.000+ (FMA)

3. Salesian Cooperators  30.000+ (ACS)

4. Past Pupils of Don Bosco  100.000+ 

5. Past Pupils of Mary Help of Christians 130.000+

6. Women Volunteers of Don Bosco 1.300+ (VDB)

7. Daughters of Sacred Heart  378

8. Salesian Oblates of the Sacred Heart  221

9. Apostles of the Holy Family  69

10. Caritas Sisters of Jesus  990 (CSJ)

11. Missionary Sisters of Mary Help of Christians  1050

12. Daughters of the Divine Saviour 109

13. Sisters Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary 109

14. Sisters of Jesus the Adolescent 26

15. Association Damas Salesianas 2083

16. Association of Mary Help of Christians 80.000 + (ADMA)

17. Catechists Sisters of Mary Immaculate Help of Christians 500

18Daughters of the Queenship of Mary Immaculate 37

19.  Sisters of the Queenship of Mary Immaculate 32

20. Volunteers with Don Bosco (CDB) 82

21. Witnesses of the Risen Lord TR 2000 ; 750

22. Congregation of St. Michael the Archangel  357

23. Congregation of Sisters of the Resurrection 50

24. Sisters Announcers of the Lord  23  (SAL)

25. The Disciples - Secular Institute   500

26. Friends of "Canção Nova"  500+

27. Sisters of St Michael the Archangel (Michaelites)   261

28. Sisters of Maria Auxiliatrix  110

29. Community of the Mission of Don Bosco  180

30. Visitation Sisters of Don Bosco 122 

SDB services to the SF groups (C.I.C. 317#2 – spiritual animator)


Delegate: Salesian Cooperators (Project of Apostolic Life, Regulations art. 23(2014)

Delegate: Don Bosco Past Pupils Association, Confederal Statutes art.10 (2011)

(Ecclesiastical) Assistant:  Volunteers of Don Bosco [VDB] Regulations art.72   (1990)

(Ecclesiastical) Assistant: Volunteers with Don Bosco [CDB] Constitutions art. 38 (2014)

Spiritual animator: Association of Mary Help of Christians [ADMA] Regulations art. 13 (2004)

Ecclesiastical Advisor: Sisters Announcers of the Lord [SAL] appointed by the Bishop of Hong Kong

     ….. Friends of Don Bosco …. Salesian movement:……..


Fundamental point of reference for our service is art.5 (SDB Constitutions) with four elements:

(1)   unity - (2) dialogue - (3) fraternal collaboration - (4) mutual enrichment - (5) apostolic effectiveness


Common ground for the understanding of the Salesian Family is the ‘IDENTITY CHARTER’ (2012)

SDB Constitutions: art. 5                                                     Our Society in the Salesian Family


  Don Bosco inspired the start of a vast movement of persons who in different ways work for the salvation of the young. He himself founded not only the Society of St Francis de Sales but also the Institute :of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians and the Association of Salesian Cooperators.  These live in communion with each other, share the same spirit and, with specifically distinct vocations, continue the mission he began.  Together with these groups and with others born later we make up the Salesian Family.

  Within this family, by the will of the Founder, we have particular responsibilities: to preserve unity of spirit (1) and to foster dialogue (2) and fraternal collaboration (3) for our mutual enrichment (3) and greater apostolic effectiveness (4).

   Our past pupils are also members by reason of the education they have received, and the bonds are closer when they commit themselves to take an active part in the Salesian mission in the world.


SDB Regulations: art. 36-41                                                    Service   to   the   Salesian   family


36.  It is the duty of the provincial and the rector, assisted by their respective delegates, to sensitize the communities so that they may discharge their duties in the Salesian Family.

     The community, in agreement with those responsible for the various groups, with respect for their autonomy and in a spirit of service, offers them spiritual assistance, promotes meetings, encourages collaboration and initiatives in the educational and pastoral fields, and cultivates the common commitment for vocations.


37. In response to their requests and as far as lies within our power, we offer to the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians our fraternal help and our priestly ministry.

   We collaborate with them in deepening our understanding of Don Bosco’s spirituality and pedagogy, and particularly in keeping alive the Marian dimension of the Salesian charism.


38. Every community should feel it its duty to increase and support the Association of Salesian Co- operators for the good of the Church.  It should help in the formation of its members, promote and spread knowledge of this particular vocation, especially among our more committed young people and among our lay collaborators.


39. The community should maintain friendly relations with the past pupils, giving special attention to the younger ones.  It should show a real interest in them and promote opportunities for meetings, formation and collaboration. It should encourage and support the Association of the Past Pupils of Don Bosco, and through it try to contact those who have distanced themselves. It should help those who are more sensitive to Salesian values to develop in themselves the vocation of a [Salesian] Cooperator.


40. We provide a service of spiritual assistance to the Don Bosco Volunteers [VDB] and to the religious and secular institutes [CDB] who affirm in their statutes that they have a project of apostolic life according to the Salesian spirit, who have made the request to belong to the Salesian Family through a general chapter, and who have received official recognition by the Rector Major.



The Salesian Bulletin, founded by Don Bosco [1877], spreads knowledge of Salesian spirit and activity, especially in its missionary and educational aspects. It is concerned with the problems of youth, encourages collaboration and tries to foster vocations. It is as well an instrument for formation and a bond of union between the different branches of the Salesian Family. It is edited in accordance with the directives of the Rector Major and his council in various editions and languages.