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2021.02.10 00:35

ADMA - EAO region 2021

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ADMA in the EAO (East Asia - Oceania) Region


ADMA LOGO official.jpeg


ADMA is present in the following countries of EAO region


China-Hong Kong          (1 group)

Indonesia                     (2 groups: Sumba + Jakarta)

Japan                          (2 groups: Tokyo + Hamamatsu)

Korea                          (2 groups: Gwangju + Seou)

PNG-Port Moresby        (2 groups)

Philippines (FIN-FIS)      (35+ groups)      Report 2007: ADMA REPORT FIN 2007.doc

Thailand-Bangkok         (1 group)

Timor Leste                  (39 groups)

Vietnam                      (2 groups: Thai Binh + HoChiMin City)


ADMA is not yet present - but launching in these EAO countries:

Myanmar                      (FMA sisters - Anisakan)

Samoa                          (SDB Saleleloga)

Australia                       (SDB Tasmania)

Solomon Islands             (SDB Tetere)

Taiwan                          (SDB Tainan)


Each ADMA group has one (SDB or FMA) spiritual animator

Contact list updated February 2021:


Every month the ADMA online (7 languages) is published

ADMAonline2021-02 - eng.pdf


ADMA online is translated monthly also in: Korean, Thai and Tetum

2020.11-12 ADMAonline.pdf (Korean)

ADMAonline-Tetun 2020-09-10.docx (Tetun-Timor Leste)


ADMA liturgy 

ADMA-INA Penerimaan anggota.pdf (Acceptance of new members-Indonesia)



ADMA letter from the Rector Major(s)


RM's letter - Mary renew the Salesian Family (Egidio Vigano, 1978)

Vigano-Mary renews SF-1978.docx


RM's talk & homily, Buenos Aires (Angel F. Artime, 2019)

ADMA-Argentina Congress 2019-RM.doc

ADMA-Argentina Homily RM.docx

RM's talk 2018-Timor Leste: 2018 RM& ADMA Timor Fatumaca.docx 

RM's letter 2019-150th anniversary: ADMA 150 Entrust to Mary-RM letter ENG.docx 



ADMA strategic plan - World level: 2021-2025

ADMA 2021-2025 - Guidelines - ENG.pdf


ADMA strategic plan (Timor Leste: 2020-2024)

ADMA-TLS Plan 2024.pdf


ADMA_tls1 venilale.jpeg

Venilale center ADMA - Timor Leste (one of the 39 local centers)


Center of ADMA world animation is Valdocco-Mary Help of Christians Shrine

ADMA 2020 leadership.jpg


Special issue of Salesian Bulletin (ADMA) - Korea 2016 and Philippines 2019

KOR-SB Adma 2016.jpg


24-SJB Today-Phil ADMA2019.jpg


Second ADMA EAO Regional Congress in September 11-12, 2021



First ADMA EAO Regional Congress in October 21-24, 2010

(Paranaque, Metro Manila-Philippines)


ADMA-EAO first congress.jpeg