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Nino Baglieri, CDB - Servant of God, +2007)
"From cross to Cross" (paralyzed 38 years at his bed)
It has been another sleepless night, with only suffering as my companion. In the darkness, everything is silent, everyone is sleeping, my body suffers, from the slit in the shutter comes the light that lights up my bedroom.

I am crucified in my bed, fixing my gaze on Jesus Crucified, in front of me. In Him I seek comfort to overcome those hours of silence, loneliness and discouragement. What an awful thing to suffer and not have anyone to console you; I don't want to wake up anyone, disturbing them; I suffer together with You, Jesus. You, Jesus, are my companion of the night. You suffered on the Cross for me, you suffered abandonment, you were alone on the Cross with your suffering.

I look at your bleeding face, that crown of thorns stuck in your reclining head, your hands and feet pierced by big nails that keep you nailed to that Cross, your Heart torn from where Blood flows. How much suffering you have been through, to the last drop of Blood, to save all of humanity. You shed your blood on the Cross for me too. Those arms stretched out on the Cross embrace the whole world: “Come to me all you who are weary and overburdened, and I will give you rest.” Yes, Jesus, I come to You, I am fatigued by the weight of the Cross and in this night I seek comfort, love, forgiveness, Light to get out of this darkness of the night that oppresses me and makes me feel more the suffering. Come to my aid, faithful friend and Companion of the way, my God and my Saviour. In You I seek refuge, in You I seek the strength to carry my cross.

Jesus, I complain about my cross getting heavier and heavier. Looking at You, I’m ashamed to complain. I lie on a soft bed and You nailed to the hard wood; my sick body does not drip blood; I just call and help comes right away. You suffer in silence, no one caresses you, no one wipes your sweat with blood. Not even your Mother can do this; she too suffers in silence at the foot of the Cross, she would like to hold you close to her grieving heart, caress you, but she cannot.

In Mary I see my mother; she doesn’t understand, but in her heart, there is the sick child. She, like Mary, stands at the foot of the Cross of her beloved son...

Your Cross is my cross and my cross is your Cross. Your Cross enlightens mine and the night is no more; your Light enlightens my heart and you give me Comfort, Strength to overcome the sufferings of the night.

I live for You, with You and in You, all for Your Glory. Use me as You want, when You want and where You want. Make me docile, shape me as you like, make this body of mine an offering to you. No one sees and no one hears; it is You and I, Jesus. To You I entrust my Life, my Spirit, my Cross. Everything is Yours and I am Yours.

Jesus, I love you. Hallelujah.

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Letter of the RECTOR MAJOR FOR CDB 25 Years

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PDF: SCS_08_EN-CDB 25 years-RM letter 2020.pdf

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