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2021.10.06 16:20

General Assembly 2021

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DBPP General Assembly 2021

November 26-28

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Day 1


Prayer (EAO young past pupils - GEX)

GA Prayer Day 1 - for translators.docx

Greeting - Fr Playa (SF delegate of the RM)

211114_Messaggio Congresso (JLl)_EN.docx

Greeting - Br Dominic Nam, World delegate

Greeting to Past Pupils GA 2021 short.docx

Rector Major - Fr Angel Fernandez Artime


Reports from the Regions (Europe-Africa-America-Asia&Oceania)

ASIA ENG report text word .docx

AFRICA (ENG)Regional report.pdf


Day 2

Report (President)

President report for GA 2021 ENG.docx

Relazione Presidente GA2021-ITA.docx

1-Report President GA 2021 ENG.pdf

Report (Administrator)

GA Financial Report 2016 - 2020.pdf

Report (Secretary General)

SG presentation ENG.pptx

Red Line SG Report.docx

Process for the elections:

VOTING manual online day2.docx

Election of presidency pptx.pptx 

Statute amandements

Statute amendmets and changes proposals .pptx






db 2021 assembly.png



Newsflash (2021, October 5)

NEWSFLASH43 5 ottobre 2021 ENG_Layout 1.pdf