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Don Bosco Past Pupils

Leadership Formation


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July 24, 2021: Online Formation Input: 

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DB Past Pupils Leadership Handbook (Manual)

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SDB Constitutions + General Regulations:



Just one month after the first successful Asia-Oceania Congress of Don Bosco Past Pupils (June 25-26) was called the ground-breaking online meeting for the DB Past Pupil Delegates formation. Twenty one (21) SDB and one GEX (Young past pupils) exchanged for 2 hours their experience and inspiration in the accompaniment that emerged during the Congress of this largest group of the Salesian Family. One of the main message of the Congress: "We need more interested and animated Salesian delegates amongst us!"
   A very fruitful and enthusiastic open forum was introduced with the 'Echo' of the recent Regional Congress, especially with the fruits of the group sharing about main challenges and priorities. Most highlighted were the themes of communication and launching of the Young past pupils (GEX) in each Don Bosco presence. But the main aim of this meeting was to motivate and test the ground for the formation of SDB as Delegates to the DB Past pupils.
Some personal insights may inspire also many EAO Salesians, all potentials Delegate to Don Bosco Past Pupils:
* "For me the most important insight that my animating role of the DB Past pupils is not just a 'part time job', but it's part of my vocation. I would like to give the best to this task entrusted by my provincial
* In our vice-province we are still at the starting age, so myself and other SDB need to learn about the Association and the 'art of following up our graduates'
* During the Congress I have understood more the importance of Delegates' role for the Past Pupils
* I keep many not-yet answered questions about the identity and mission of our Past pupils
* In our vice-province the Association of DBPP is not yet established but we have many young Alumni, who are eager to start the Association (Union). However during the AO Congress they felt 'out of place' since on the screen there were mosty old people (Past Pupils)
* The Congress was an eye-opener, especially the sharing about Past Pupils solidarity during the pandemic. We feel a need of constant communication to share our Past pupil experiences in different countries.
* The first resolution of the AO Congress about the 'Delegate interest and accompaniment' struck my heart
* As provincia delegate I struggle to reach all local delegates, but we don't loose patience and hope
* After the AO Congress our (senior) Past pupils felt more proud about their worldwide Confederation."
  Among the 22 participants was significant the presence of recently appointed delegates or rectors (FIS-Dumaguete and FIS-Pakistan; VIE - Ben Cat, CIN - Tainan), proactive presence of Cambodia Delegate-Superior (Fr Roel Soto) with his delegates for ASC and DB Past Pupils, vibrant animating presence of Fr. Joseph Phuoc (EAO regional councilor) and Provincial delegates for the Salesian Family - some of them also with explicite animation of the Past Pupils (PGS, TLS, INA, KOR and THA). Although we missed 5 provincial delegates, two of them sent their apology and we remember them in our prayers.
  In order to prepare the Delegate's online formation according their needs, the participants voiced their expectations. Great majority has chosen among the 10 themes in the 'DB Past Pupil Leadership Handbook' the following: Self-formation of the Delegate; Past Pupils as members of the large Salesian Family of Don Bosco; Mission of the DB Past pupils and How to start a new local Union (esp. with the GEX - young past pupils).  Some concrete expectations may inspire also Salesians in all 12 EAO provinces and 6 delegations:
*  As Salesian delegates we need to be guided as animators in our important role in the Association
* Need to get more clarity about the Past pupils mission ('giving back') especially in non-Christian environment
* First we need to consolidate the process of the Salesian family animation in our vice-province
* Some SDB in our country don't yet appreciate enough Don Bosco Past Pupils (facing internal challenge)
* Need to clarify the identity of Past Pupils (of Don Bosco, of FMA etc)
* Need to create more effective network how to assist our GEX who are foreign migrant workers (e.g. VIE in GIA)
Before the final 'Prayer-Promise of the DB Past Pupils' recited by Mr Rafael Swith (THA-GEX coordinator) the EAO Regional Councilor wrapped up this meeting: Giving thanks for the Superiors support to their Past Pupil Delegates, asking bring the formation of SDB as potential delegates already to our initial formation houses and encouraged all present to be more motivated in their patient work of accompaniment in this 'hour of lay people' in education and evangelization (GC28). Also provincial delegates were encouraged to make frequent visits (now online possible!) to the local centers of Past pupils.
As fruit of this 'formation launching' meeting, there would be probably convoked three times EAO regional online meeting of the Delegates in the second semester of 2021.