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Don Bosco Past Pupils Newsflash - Easter 2021

Message from the World President


Allow me to greet you in the occasion of this Easter issue of EX ALLIEVI “Newsflash”. It is my pleasure to see another volume of the proof that Past Pupils and Friends of Don Bosco thrive in their lives activities and projects. It is a great encouragement for me to see courage and inflammation of so many Past Pupils all around the world.

Indeed last year 2020 has been a difficult and challenging time for all of us - The year 2021 so far, is still not quite easy, but Good Christians and Upright Citizens – as Past Pupils are invited to be – can still live their lives and mission as good sons and daughters of Don Bosco.

Last year has been start of the Jubilee year of 150th anniversary of Past Pupils and celebrations of this special and blessed time. We continue to enjoy ad draw from this unique time period also in the 2021 since the Jubilee year is going to last until October 2021. It has been planned to realize celebrative activities along we the Jubilee year until the autumn of 2021, as this is going to be time for next General Assembly of World Confederation of Past Pupils of Don Bosco.

It has really been almost 6 years from our last meeting in Rome during the General Assembly in 2015 and from the very last election for Presidency. This time, the General Assembly seems to happen for the first time mostly in the online space. It is the actual situation and expectations for the rest of the year of 2021 that leads us in the World Presidency, in order to follow the statute, to organize and start planning the next General Assembly as an online conference.

I would like to ask you for your prayers and support and undivided attention to any news during incoming months since for all of us I tis very new experience and quite big challenge. At the same time we have seen the example of lead on this field during January´s Days of Salesian Spirituality which took place online. Besides lack of personal meeting and opportunity of visiting the places of Don Bosco we have identified many advantages of such manner for the General Assembly.

Of course there is a level of health security connected with travel and personal meeting of bigger amount of people. At the same time, we see huge advantage for much many Past Pupils and their representatives be active and participate during the Online General Assembly in 2021 along with the saving the travel costs and time for travelling. This might be the way how we would be able to engage much more Past Pupils into active participation and create bigger (even though specific) community of Past Pupils from whole world.

I invite you all to read this EX ALLIEVI Newsflash as a selection of the vest examples and good practices of what such international and worldwide community can create a working together in the name of Don Bosco.

Yours sincerely

Mr Michal Hort



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