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  1. Project of Apostolic Life - ASC Samoan

    PAL ed. 2013 SAMOAN VERSION translated by Fr. Sefo (AUL - Pacific Delegation) ASC-PAL 2013 Samoan edition 2018.pdf
    Date2018.04.27 CategoryASC Byvaclav
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  2. PAL (Project of Apostolic Life) - Japanese, Tetum, Portuguese, Korean,

    Project of Apostolic Life - Association of Salesian Cooperators (Progetto di Vita Apostolica) Ed. 2013 TRANSLATION INTO NIHONGO (JAPANESE) GIA SC PAL 会憲編.pdf (PAL - Statutes) SC PAL 会則編.pdf (PAL - Regulations) SC-PAL 表紙-OL.pdf (PAL -...
    Date2017.08.17 CategoryASC Byvaclav
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  3. EAO Congress Salesian Cooperators - Tokyo 2017 (1)

    East Asia - Oceania Regional Congress of the Salesian Cooperators Tokyo, May 7-10, 2017 REPORTS FROM THE PROVINCES (2014-2017) CIN provincial report: Provincial Report-CIN.doc FIN provincial report: Provincial Report-FIN-PNG.docx FIS provinc...
    Date2017.04.03 CategoryASC Byvaclav
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  4. Salesian Cooperators Delegate Formation

    Some useful materials from the WORLD COUNCIL 1. ASC_ORIENTAMENTI ED... English FINAL DEC 8.pdf 2. ASSOCIAZIONE - Consiglio Mondiale - ENGLISH.docx 3. Delegate Booklet.doc 4. PROMOTING THE COOPERATOR VOCATION.docx 5. The Identity of the Sales...
    Date2016.11.08 CategoryASC Byvaclav
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  5. Salesian Cooperators - PAL commentary

    The Association of the Salesian Cooperators, PROJECT OF APOSTOLIC LIFE (PAL) OFFICIAL COMMENTARY - ENGLISH VERSION translated and published November 2016 PDF version: Official Commentary Complete NOV. 4 , 2016.pdf WORD version: Official Comm...
    Date2016.11.06 CategoryASC Byvaclav
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  6. EAO Regional Congress of Salesian Cooperators - Tokyo 2017

    Tokyo - Japan 2017, May 7-10 EAST ASIA - OCEANIA REGIONAL CONGRESS of the SALESIAN COOPERATORS 2017 EAO Tokyo Announcement (final) 2016.6.19.docx 2017 EAO Tokyo Registration Form (for the youth only) (final) 2016.6.19.docx 2017EAO Tokyo Regi...
    Date2016.09.15 CategoryASC Byvaclav
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  7. Project of Apostolic Life (ASC)

    PROJECT OF APOSTOLIC LIFE (Association of the Salesian Cooperators, ed. 2013) FOR DOWNLOAD: PAL-1986 ENG.doc PAL-2007 ENG.doc ACS-PAL 2014 ENG clean complete edition.doc
    Date2016.06.27 CategoryASC Byvaclav
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