Salesian Family

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Cambodia, Sihanoukville, May 24-27, 2019

Don Bosco Hotel School


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Workshop input: Formation Guidelines (ASC, ed. 2015)

ASC-5 Formation Guidelines 2015.pdf

EAO-SF 31 ASC Formation.pptx


50 Interview related to ASC Formation for download: 

EAO-ASC Formation interview version 3.pdf


50 Interview: Analysis or the interview results

ASC-Interview collation final.docx


Youth Project - EAO provinces (2017-2019)

EAO-Province Youth


Formation report - EAO provinces (2019)

EAO-Province Formation


Formators Workshop Notes ('minutes' of the sessions)

EAO Salesian Cooperators Formators Workshop 2019-NOTES.pdf


EAO Region - statistics SDB-FMA-ASC (2019)

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Formation inspirations - from the interview

EAO-ASC formation 2019 Klement.pdf



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Context of formation: vocation > mission

Screenshot (8).png

Personal project of life - among the new suggestions for ASC Formation

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50 Interview with the Salesian Cooperators + Delegates SDB or FMA

For download: 





EAO Formation Workshop May 24-27 2019 – Sihanoukville



1.AUL-ASC: Mr. Juan Carlos and Carmen Escobar (Melbourne, Australia)


2.AUL-ASC: Mr. Angelo Molino and seniors (Melbourne, Australia)


3.CIN-ASC:  Mr. Philip Yu - New Year Camp 2019 (Hong Kong, China)


4.CIN-FMA:  Sr. Cecilia Tse, FMA (Hong Kong, China)


5.FIN-SDB:   Fr. Robert (Bobby) Rojas, SDB (Manila, Philippines)


6.FIN-ASC:   Ms. Imelda Benitez (Manila, Philippines)


7.FIN-ASC:   Ms. Arlene Talaue (Manila, Philippines)


8.FIS-ASC:   Ms. Nenith Cuadernal - from SYM to ASC (Mambucal, Philippines)


9.FIS-SDB:   Borongan Center Sharing (Eastern Samar, Philippines)


10.FIS-ASC:  Ms. Milagros Wuthrich (Cebu, Phillipines)


11.FIS-ASC:  Ms. Flora Figuracion ‘Boots’ (Cebu, Philippines)


12.FIS-ASC:  Ms. Rubby Belleza (Negros Occidental, Philippines)


13.FIS-FMA:  Sr. Evangelina Rago, FMA (Cebu, Philippines)


14.FIS-SDB:  Fr. Ronel Vilbar, SDB (Cebu, Philippines)


15. FIS-SDB: Fr. Bong Borgueta, SDB (Mambucal, Negros Occidental, Philippines)


16. FIS-ASC: Ms. Lellibeth Bustillo (Mambucal, Negros Occidental, Philippines)


17. FIS-ASC:  Formation reflection - Province level formation team (Cebu, Philippines)


18.GIA-ASC:  Mr. Mamoru Umemura (Chofu-Tokyo, Japan)


19.GIA-ASC: Ms. Eriko Sato (Tokyo, Japan)


20.GIA-FMA: Sr. Kenjo Teresina, FMA (Tokyo, Japan)


21.GIA-SDB:  Fr. Achile Loro Piana, SDB (Tokyo, Japan)


22.GIA-ASC:  Ms. Teresa Nao Tsujimura (Tokyo, Japan – Dili, Timor Leste)


23.INA-ASC: Ms. Ernie Djohan (Jakarta, Indonesia)


24.INA-ASC:  Ongoing Formation by Fr Vincent Prastowo (Jakarta, Indonesia)


25.KOR-ASC: Mr. Celestino Yoo (Seoul, Korea)


26.KOR-ASC: Mr. Laurentio Shin (Seoul, Korea)


27.KOR-ASC: Mr. Thomas Aquinas Lee (Seoul, Korea)


28.KOR-SDB:  Fr. John Chong Jaejun, SDB (Seoul, Korea)


29.KOR-FMA: Sr. Gertrude Kim, FMA (Seoul, Korea)


30.KOR-ASC:  Province level social communication (Seoul, Korea)


31.MYM-ASC: Ms. Mea Bay, candidate Cooperator (Myitkyina, Myanmar) 


32. MYM-SDB: Fr. Bosco Zeya Aung (Nyi Nyi), SDB (Anisakan, Myanmar)


33.PGS-SDB: Fr Alfred Maravilla, SDB (Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea)


34.PGS-ASC: Ms. Bellie Guterez and ASC Center (Kokopo, Papua New Guinea)


35. PGS-ASC: Ms. Rica Lavilla, Lay delegate ASC (Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea)


36.PGS-ASC:  Henderson - first two Salesian Cooperators (Honiara, Solomon Islands)


37.THA-ASC: North East ASC Centers (Udonthani, Thailand)


38.TLS-ASC:  Towards the ASC province (Dili, Timor Leste 2018)


39.TLS-SDB:  Fr. Apolinario Neto, SDB (Dili, Timor Leste)


40.VIE-ASC: Ms. Theresa Thu (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)


41.VIE-ASC: Ms. Mary Linh (Dalat, Vietnam)


42. ARS-ASC: Ms. Norma Oviedo – province formation process (Trelew – Argentina South)


43. EAO Salesian Family: Statistics of the East Asia – Oceania ASC Region (before the World Congress)


44. EAO Councilor, Mr. Wichai Srisura: We are born as twins (Bangkok, Thailand)


45. EAO World Councilor, Mr. Philip Yu: How are we growing? (Rome, Italy)


46. World Council ASC, Mr. Philip Yu: Sharing of the World Council Meeting 2019 (Rome, Italy)


47. World Coordinator, Ms. Noemi Bertola: Interview during the EAO SF formation 2016 (Vietnam)


48. World Coordinator, Ms. Antonio Boccia: Conclusion of World Council Meeting 2019 (Rome, Italy)


49. World President of DB Alumni, Michal Hort: EAO DB Alumni Leadership Meet (Bangkok, Thailand)


50. EAO Model: Shizuoka Salesio School by Salesian Cooperators (Shizuoka, Japan)