EAO Salesian Translator Workshop (sharing-GC28 proposal)

by vaclav posted Aug 25, 2019


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EAO Salesian Translators Workshop 2019

(Myanmar, August 27-29)


SDB General Regulations, art 33bis - proposal from the translors

Contributo CS - R33bis Traduzione salesiana.pdf


EAO-translator workshop 2019 RM.png



2nd EAO Translators Workshop - Introduction:

EAO-1 Translators Workshop 2019 Introduction+.pdf

2nd EAO Salesian Translators Workshop.docx (hand out)



Working materials for the Workshop  >>>> important!

EAO Translators Workshop 2019++.zip


Instructions: Workshop main materials (html zip file)

EAO Translation workshop instructions.docx


Salesian Translators Handbook (version 5 - Aug 30)

EAO Translators_Handbook 5th edition-final.docx



Glossary - EAO languages

CIN (2019): Glossary CHINA province ITA-ENG-CIN.xls

EAO-Salesian Translators 2019.JPG



Salesianity translations - EAO languages

VIE (2005): VIE-Salesianity literature2005.xls



Certificate Translator in confession GC27.jpg


Certificate-May Gangaa Mongolia.jpg