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Within the Salesian Family Saints - Blessed - Venerables and Servants of God 

there are 7 of them related to the 22 countries of our EAO region

MONS. VINCENT CIMATTI was declared VENERABLE on Dec 21, 1991

(25 years ago)  - now we are waiting only for a miracle!

Just one step from his beatification!

Prayer for the beatification of Venerable  Vincent Cimatti  

Jesus, meek and humble of heart, who wished to manifest

the goodness of Your heavenly Father

through your Faithful servant Vincent Cimatti,

help us to imitate his wholesome cheerfulness

and faithfulness to daily duties.

Help us, as You helped him, to be fervently united

in charity and prayer with each other and with You. 

Also grant us the grace_____________________

We ask You also to quicken his glorification on earth,

through the intercession of Your Holy Mother Mary,

our Help and Guide.


Mons. Cimatti Vincent - Biography (English)

For DOWNLOAD -  Cimatti Vincent ENG biography.pdf

Mons. Cimatti - Sistema Preventivo (ITA - NIHONGO)

UPS, 2003 by Fr Giovanni Fedrigotti, SDB

Cimatti-Sistema Preventivo 2003.doc

Cimatti-Sistema preventivo 2004 Nihongo.doc

Don Cimatti - Maestro di Vita, Cosi Scrisse - Cosi Visse (ITALIAN, 2015)


Complete collection of different materials of/ about Mons. Vincent Cimatti is stored

on the SDL (Salesian Digital Library) - select collection 'CIMATTI'


6300 letters, homilies, articles

500 photos

29 mp3  recorded talks 

5 biographies (Italian, English)

Cimatti works with youngsters.JPG

Fr Cimatti

Cimatti poor youth.jpg

Fr Cimatti

Cimatti youth.jpg

Fr Cimatti prayerful ... music master

Cimatti piano.jpg

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