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Congress of the ACCSA 2015

Philippines - Perception of Don Bosco in 20th century (Nestor Impelido)


Thailand - Heart of a Father - Testimonials of Don Bosco Friends (Anna Maria Grassi)







6th International Congress on the History of the Salesian Work 
TURIN 28  October - 1 November 2015 
Wednesday afternoon – 28 October 
1st Session THE IMAGE OF DON BOSCO IN THE EARLY LITERATURE 15.00 Opening, greetings from the various authorities.  Grazia LOPARCO fma, President of ACCSSA  Francesco CEREDA sdb Rector Major’s Vicar  Piera CAVAGLIÀ fma General secretary of the FMA Institute  Enrico STASI  sdb Superior of the Mary Help of Christians Province ICP  Elide DEGIOVANNI fma Superior of  the Mary Help of Christians Province  IPI 
Moderator Piera Cavaglià 
16.00 Grazia LOPARCO  Introduction to the work of the Congress 16.20 Stanisław ZIMNIAK The aims and literary genre of works by non-Salesian writers on     don Bosco  and his educational work (1879-1884). 16.50 Interval 17.10 Bogdan KOLAR The saint for our times. The image of don Bosco among Slovenians      up to 1934. 17.40 Omer BOSSUYT Don Bosco from ‘zealous priest’ to ‘pioneer of Catholic action’. The  Wim PROVOOST The image of don Bosco in Belgium (1879-1934) 18.10 Jarosław WASOWCZ The image of don Bosco in Polish letters:  multi-faceted apostle with      strong personal charm. 18.40    Discussion in the assembly. 19.10    Evening prayer (Vespers) 19.30    Evening meal 20.30    Pictures of don Bosco. The illustrators of the Libreria Editrice  Salesiana (Salesian Publishing House) and the representations of the life of don Bosco in the SEI archives- Pompeo VAGLIANI, president of the Tancredi di Barolo Foundation’ S. Zimniak imparts information about the ACSSA Assembly on 1st November and its preparation. 

Thursday morning-29 October 
2nd Session 
7.30 Morning prayer (Lauds)  Thelian  CORONA 7.45 Breakfast 
Moderator Francesco Motto 
8.30 Giorgio CHIOSSO The figure of don Bosco in the Italian primary teachers’ periodicals     between the 1920s – ‘30s. 9.00 Maria Cristina MORANDIN The figure of don Bosco in the educational policies of the      Fascist regime: with reference to the manuals of  pedagogy. 9.30 Franz SCHMID  The German-speaking Catholic teachers’ interest in don Bosco from 1885 to1933. 10.00 Ivone GOULART-LOPES The perception of don Bosco and his charism among the   Maria Immaculda DA SILVA Brazilian trainee teachers. 10.30 Discussion in the assembly 10.50 Interval 11.10 Maria C. Ventura The image of don Bosco in the non-Salesian Italian press,      1888, 1929, 1934. 11.40 Mara BORSI   The image of don Bosco in the magazine ‘Unione’ 1921-1965 12.10 Discussion in assembly 12.30 Lunch 
Thursday Afternoon  29 October 
First group   Moderator Nestor IMPELIDO 
14.30 Bernard LEWEK The figure of don Bosco the educator in the Polish national press     at the time of the beatification (1929), canonization (1934) and      fiftieth anniversary of his death (1938). 15.00 Johannes WELGOSS Publications on don Bosco in German on the occasion of the     beatification and canonization (1929, 1934). 15.30 Antonietta CLERICI The perception of don Bosco in the pastoral work of the Milanese      oratories during the period of the publication ‘Echo of the Milanese     Oratories’ 1907-1968. 16.00 Discussion in the group 16.20 Interval 16.40 Michele NOVELLI Setting the scene with don Bosco. Theatrical works by non-Salesians      in he period between the beatification and canonization (1929-34). 17.10 Sergio TODESCHINI A great friend. Don Bosco’s story told to children and young people    through non-Salesian publishing houses from 1920 to the 1950s . 17.40 Discussion in the group 
Second group   Moderator Thelian CORONA 
14.30 Fabrizio FABRIZI Meeting don Bosco in the writings and reminiscences of Luigi     Guanella. 15.00 Rodolfo BOGOTTO Don Bosco considered as a source of inspiration for new presences      and services in the Italian church 15.30 Anne Marie BAUD The figure of don Bosco in the French secular and Catholic press at      the time of his death and canonization. 

16.00 Discussion in the group 16.20 Interval 16.40 Angelo MANCA Sardinia’s fascination with St. John Bosco. 17.10 Silvano ONI  The spread of the cult and devotion to don Bosco in Piedmont. 17.40 Discussion in the group 18.30  Eucharist  Memoria of Bl. Michael Rua     Main celebrant: Fr. Francesco CEREDA, Vicar of the Rector Major. 19.30 Evening meal 20.45 Concept Orchestra conducted by the Maestro Gianfranco LEONE. 

Friday 30 October 
7.00 Breakfast 7.30 Departure 9.00 Pilgrimage to Becchi-Colle Don Bosco 11.30 Eucharist  Main celebrant: Fr. Giorgio ROSSI celebrating 50 years of      priestly ordination 12.30 Lunch 15.00 Nizza Monferrato Visit to the historical archive and mother house of the FMA. 19.10 Evening prayer (Vespers) Alberto KABUGE 19.30 Evening meal 21.00 Social evening,- Compline and ‘Goodnight’. 
Saturday Morning 31 October 
3rd session 
7.00 Eucharist  Main celebrant: Fr. Thomas  ANCHUKANDAM Director of the Salesian Historical Institute. 7.45 Breakfast 
Moderator: Maria Immaculada DA SILVA 
8.30 Anna FRESA-  Mapping the devotion and social repercussions of the beatification Maria A. NICOLETTI process(1929) and the canonization (1934) of don Bosco in      Argentina. 9.00 Thomas ANCHUKANDAM Perception of don Bosco in north-east India 9.30 Carlo  SOCOL  Don Bosco in China. A study of the reports of the Shun Bao      (Shanghai News) 1929-1949. 10.00 Joaquin TORRES Iconographic buildings in Spain related to don Bosco . 10.30 Discussion in the assembly 11.00 Interval 11.20 Bruna CALGARO The perception of the figure of don Bosco as recalled by the ordinary people.    people. Survey of a sample of  1200 adults. 11.50 Tolisa ROSARIO Don Bosco and the Dominican Congress. The law 20-93 of 5       December 1993. 12.10 Discussion in the assembly 12.30 Lunch 

Saturday Afternoon 31 October       First group  Moderator:   Maria Concetta VENTURA 
14.30 Geraldo Adair DA SILVA Between the 15th  and 20th parallels: don Bosco’s influence     in the building of Brasilia. 15.00 Claudia DARETTI Perception of the figure of don Bosco in the Lazio region (1879-     1965 and beyond). 15.30 Philomena D’SOUZA The presence of don Bosco in the undivided diocese of Mangalore     before the arrival of the Salesians. 16.00 Giuseppina PESCARINI  The diffusion of don Bosco’s educational method in Mandjakul      parish and in the archdiocese of Bamako (Mali) 16.30 Discussion in the group 16.50 Interval 17.10 Gladys DIAZ and Monica JIMENEZ The figure of don Bosco in Colombia 17.40 Patricia AGUILAR Don Bosco in Honduras:  beyond the Salesian houses (1956-2003). 18.00 Discussion in the group 
Second group  Moderator: Maria MAUL 
14.30 Nestor IMPELIDO Perception of St. John Bosco in the Philippines during 20th century. 15.00 Anna GRASSI  The figure of don Bosco among the people and youth in     Thailand : ‘A Father’s heart’. 15.30 Santo RUSSO  Sicily and don Bosco: monuments, parishes, churches, squares,  Paolo TERRANA roads, schools and other. 16.00 William John DICKSON    Don Bosco, patron of a trade union in Scotland:choice of the     Association of  Catholic Teachers in Scotland. 16.30 Discussion in the group 16.50 Interval 17.10 Paola CUCCIOU Along the roads of Piedmont and the Val d’Aosta with don Bosco 17.30 Juan BOTTASSO The presence of don Bosco  beyond the Salesian  works in Ecuador 18.00 Discussion in the group 19.10 Evening Prayer (Vespers)Francesco CASELLA 19.30 Evening meal 20.30 Musical   Don Bosco sing along with us through life  
Sunday Morning  1 November 
7.00 Eucharist  Main celebrant: Fr. Francesco MOTTO, founding member of the      Salesian Historical Institute 8.00 Breakfast 
Moderator: Bogdan KOLAR 
9.30 Francesco MOTTO   The perception of don Bosco compared with the historical don Bosco 10.00 Grazia LOPARCO Six yearly report on the activities of ACSSA  Stanisław ZIMNIAK 10.30 ACSSA ASSEMBY Election of the Committee  2015-2020 12.00 Grazia LOPARCO Conclusions,  outcomes, thanks  Stanisław ZIMNIAK 12.30  Lunch 

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