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Sick and old Salesians

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Fr. Juan Edmundo Vecchi, SDB - Rector Major - Letter n. 377 (2001)


 “Let my heart rejoice in your saving help” (Ps 12,5);

O Lord, you are my portion and cup: my life is in your hands”  (Ps 15,5)


Fr. Guillermo Basanes: Letter to the elderly and sick Salesians, 2016

Lettera ai malati 11-11-2016 - ING.pdf

Experience of Fr. Felice Furlan: Cagliero 11 - November 2016

Cagliero 11 novembre 2016 - ING.pdf



The seasons of life. 

 I. Sickness 

 The experience of sickness in our consecrated life 

 With our eye on Don Bosco  

 A new apostolic period 


II. Old Age: a period to be used to advantage 

 A proper view

 Old age and the mission to the young

 Understanding the condition of the elderly

 The right way to grow old is learned in youth 

  Ongoing formation, in the local and provincial community.

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