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ACSSA (Association of Salesian Historians)

South Korea history.jpg

Letter to the SDB - FMA Superiors (ENG- ITA) for download

Superiori-FMA-SDB-Membri-inglese-20 V 2017 .docx  (ENG)

Superiori-FMA-SDB-Membri-italiano-20 V 2017.docx  (ITA)

(full text)

Reflection on Europe SDB history: 

SDB Europe-Survival and Growth Lesson 2017 Motto.docx

(persecution, war, totalitarian regime impact on the Salesian charism)

Short version:

By Fr. Stanislaw Zimniak, SDB

ACSSA - Secretary


On behalf of the Presidency of ACSSA (Association of Salesian Historians) that met in Rome, April 2017, I am happy to inform you that the theme of the next International ACSSA Conference is: Incisive and innovative Salesian Personalities of the 20th century, This conference will take place in 2021, but will be prepared by five continental seminars 2018-2019.


The Primary Objective:

Present personalities from among the Salesians SDB, FMA Sisters, Salesian Cooperators, other members of the Salesian Family and Benefactors, who have incarnated “Salesian Spirit and Charism” ,  understood as a mission received from above, as a way of being and working, in an incisive manner and who have served young people like Don Bosco.


The Secondary Objectives:

(1)  To help realize an interesting awakening of community memory and personal commitment: If this one and the other could do it why not I?

(2)  To offer a most precious and inspiring source of our present and future.

(3)  To make a significant contribution to the celebrations of the centenary of Don Albera (2021), the 150th anniversary of the FMA Institute Foundation (2022) and of the Salesian Missions (2025).


Choice of the Personalities: Each SDB and FMA Provincial and each group of the Salesian Family have the possibility of proposing to the Presidency of the ACSSA one or more personalities, who they believe to have been "incisive and innovative "Bearers of "Salesianity” – Salesian spirit and charism (not later than 1965. However, those already well-known, like Rectors Major, Mothers  General, members of the General Councils, those already declared Blessed, Venerable, Servants of God or those who already have published studies against their names are to be excluded.


Stage of Preparation: The five continental seminars are already scheduled: Nairobi (Kenya) 3-8 April 2018, Hyderabad (India) June 22-23, 2018, Bratislava (Slovakia) November 2018, Sam Phran (Thailand) 10-15 February 2019, Buenos Aires (Argentina) March-April 2019. These seminars have a methodological purpose (an occasion for the training of the members and for helping the participants to refine and enhance their "historiographic" formation) and content purpose (to prepare and share sources, bibliography, and work materials in view of the Intercontinental Conference).


Guidelines for writing: The following methodological criteria are recommended for drawing up the historical profile of the individual chosen (not more than 60,000 characters, spaces included):

(1) First of all, indicate briefly and precisely why the one chosen is considered a vital and significant expression of the Salesian mission.

(2) Highlight (as far as possible) the following aspects:

What was it that made the work done and the mission accomplished significant?

How did he/she accomplish the task entrusted to him/her (style of working) ?

What are their immediate and positive actions outcomes, what were their limits and the weaknesses?

How did the external (civil and ecclesial) environment react to his/her action?

What were the sources of support and what were the difficulties encountered?

The support or opposition of the “Salesian community” (local, provincial, central)?

The merits and limits of his personality (character, habits, obedience, community life)?


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