GC28 inspired lectio divina - retreat echo

by vaclav posted May 20, 2020


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General Chapter 28 inspired Spiritual Retreat Talks

By Fr. Alfred Maravilla

Councilor for the Missions


12 Talks (Lectio Divina and Echo) for download: 

GC28-Lectio divina retreat ENG.zip





Lectio Divina by Fr. Andrea Bozzolo (Torino-Crocetta)


1. The Beloved disciple during Last Supper                        (Joh 13, 21-30)

2. The Beloved disciple at the foot of the Cross                  (John 19,25-37)

3. The Beloved disciple at the Empty Tomb                        (John 20,1-10)

4. The Beloved disciple on the Tiberiad Lake                       (John 21, 1-14)

5. The Disciple who remains                                             (John 21, 20-25)


Echo - Message of Pope Francis to GC28


1. Reviving the gift you have received                              (Salesian Echo Day 2)

2. The “Valdocco option” and the gift of youth                  (Salesian Echo Day 3)

3. The “Valdocco option” and the charisma of presence       (Salesian Echo Day 4)

4. The “Valdocco option” in the plurality of languages         (Salesian Echo Day 5)

5. The “Valdocco option” and the ability to dream              (Salesian Echo Day 6) 


Excerpts from the Rector major GC28 conclusion talk


Last talk before send off at the end of the Retreat