God's Love for the people and Nations of Asia - Cardinal Charles Bo 2019

by vaclav posted Aug 18, 2019


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Cardinal Charles Bo, SDB

Archbishop of Yangon, Myanmar

President of the FABC 


August 15, 2019


For download the full text of the reflection:


Cardinal Bo-People of Asia 2019-8-15.docx               (WORD)

His Eminence Charles Cardinal Bo Message.pdf  (PDF)


Part 2


Growing up in the Catholic Church, I became accustomed to the concept of unity in diversity. I was educated by Salesians and, inspired by the example of Don Bosco, who lived an active life caring for the young and the poor, I became a Salesian myself. But the Church is a house of many rooms, and I cherish the diversity of intellectual, spiritual and vocational callings expressed in the different religious traditions of the one Church – the Jesuits, the Dominicans, the Benedictines, the Franciscans, the Carmelites, and many others. We are one Church, but with a wide range of expressions of being the Church, and the same is true of Myanmar.


Part 3


I see Myanmar as a garden. In a garden, flowers of different colors, shapes, sizes, and needs to grow alongside each other. Each one individually is beautiful, and the individual beauty of each particular flower is not denied or suppressed by the collective beauty and color of the garden itself. Each one can be appreciated, and taken as a whole they can inspire. Flowers do not fight, compete, displace each other or dominate each other. 







Rights and Duties of all people.

Quest for Peace,

Defense for a nation

Importance of Religious Freedom.