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austraLasia #3417


8th EAO (EAR) Salesian Cooperators Congress

  24 April 2014 
Here is some basic information for you:
FIN - Alabang, Acacia Hotel
EAO 8th congress of the Salesian Cooperators
April 23-26, 2014
First of the 11 regional  (elective) congresses of the Salesian Cooperators started on 23rd April near Manila, FIN-
128 participants from 8 EAO provinces
April 25 is the election for the EAO WORLD COUNCILLOR

World Coordinator, Mrs Noemi Bertola,
World Delegate Fr Giuseppe Casti
and for the first time PNG has a delegation at the EAO Regional Congress

MANILA - 24 April 2014 --  Since 1993 every few years many (100-200) Salesian Cooperators from many countries of the EAO region have been coming together as a Congress. On April 23, 2014 some 128 Salesian Cooperators, SDB and FMA delegates gathered near Alabang, Tuloy sa Don Bosco street children village for a 4 day Congress.
The previous Congresses are as follows: 1993 in Thailand (Hua Hin), 1996 in the Philippines (Batulao-Calaruega), 1999 in Hong Kong (China), 2001 in Cebu (Philippines), 2004 in South Korea (Suwon), 2008 in Macau (China) and 2011 in Bangkok (Thailand).

Each Congress produces new apostolic energy and inspiration, and the visible results are the definite growth of the Salesian charism especially as expressed through the Salesian Cooperator Vocation and Mission of participants in all the respective countries.

This time too there are some memorable participants and many hints of the Holy Spirit guiding His People:

1. For the first time the Papua New Guinea - Solomon Islands Delegation is taking part After more then 15 years of Salesian Cooperators life they join to learn how to be connected to the World-Wide-Family of the Salesian Cooperators.

2. John Lester from Singapore (after making his promise at the Macau 2008 Congress still the only Cooperator in Singapore) shared his dream, his passion to see the growth of the Sal.Cooperators vocation in his home place.

EAO REGION of the Salesian Cooperators means some 120-plus local centres, seven provinces (ACS provinces, that is), 670 Aspirants (probably the highest percentage among all 11 Regions of the Salesian Cooperators worldwide) and more than 2300 members with the promise.

There are participants from the Philippines (FIN, FIS), from Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands (expatriate Filipino teacher from Honiara), from Mongolia (Darkhan), Singapore, Australia, China - Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, from South Korea, Japan, Timor Leste,Thailand and from Vietnam....

Day 1 (April 23) 
- sharing on the state of the EAO region (very positive, future oriented). Growth of members, centres and aspirants in many provinces.
Need to rejuvenate the Association (age-wise - both Salesian Cooperators and their SDB/FMA delegates.

The best report was without doubt from Cebu (FIS province) - which highlighted with all humility some Salesian Cooperators (in all simplicity and humility) with their passion and apostolic fruits.

Goodnight given by Taiwan SDB delegate Fr Gary Carbon - inviting everybody to be a true disciple and missionary of Jesus (Pope Francis' wish for us all!).
Many 'long standing Delegates FMA, SDB' are coming together after 3 years and this helps create a family climate. 

Many hopeful signs of inter-provincial (regional) solidarity of different kinds were shared in the reports.

Most inspiring were three sharings on how the Salesian Cooperator vocation grows (how new Aspirants are being attracted to join) - usually by contamination, joyful and dedicated life witness.

 Thank God for this wonderful Salesian - Secular Apostolic vocation!