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by vaclav posted May 29, 2018


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EAO Good Night Talk (51)                                                                 

                                                          Hong Kong - China, June 1, 2018




Do you read the Gospel every day?

Just two minutes!



Dear Friends and Salesian Family members,



    Let’s make this month of June truly a special time of listening to Jesus! Traditionally we celebrate June as the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It’s a good chance to get closer to the heart of Jesus Christ. In his recent video message, Pope Francis challenges the Argentina youth:


     “How many of you spend daily two minutes to read the daily Gospel? Just two minutes! Carry a small booklet of the Gospels with you in your purse, in your pocket (or on your smartphone). When you are on the bus, train, subway, waiting for your friend or when you are at home: Open the Gospel and read for two minutes! Try it! You will see how will change your life! Because you will encounter Jesus and encounter his Word.”


   On the evening of Trinity Sunday in Hong Kong after the beautiful procession of Mary Help of Christians, praying for the Catholic community in China in our Tang King Po Parish, I watched this short video many times. During a short talk in the Parish church I have asked the Salesian Family: ‘What is easier – listen to Jesus or listen to your children, your husband or wife?’     


   According a recent survey, about 20% of Hong Kong parents don’t’ listen to their children even once a week! We can also ask how often we listen to the young in our schools, parishes, youth centers or boarding houses! Indeed our deficit of listening is felt everywhere!


   From our personal experience we know that listen with deep attention to Jesus is not easy. We find some many excuse to make shorter our 30 minutes of daily meditation, we excuse ourselves from the youth listening as well. Without a personal experience of life changing encounter with Jesus how can we ask distracted young people with Pope Francis: ‘Listen - just two minutes?’


I wish you a fruitful month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus 2018!


Fr. Václav Klement, SDB

EAO Regional councillor


Pope Francis video: