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Thanks, dear Fr Luigi Cei (1944-2019)

By Our Own Correspondent

Rome, 22 June 2019 -- Many of us got know Fr Luigi Cei in the Salesian Central Archives at the General House, where he served from 1993-2017 with his whole heart, welcoming those who came for any historical research or gladly guiding different groups of SDBs or other Salesian Family members - students in Rome, new Salesian Provincials, new Salesian missionaries during their course or various pilgrim groups to Rome or to the Holy places of Don Bosco. After a period of cancer treatment he passed away in the infirmary of the Salesian University (UPS) last June 20, on the eve of his Saintly Patron's feast day, St Aloysius Gonzaga, after 56 years of Salesian consecrated life.

Fr Luigi was born in Turin, made his first profession in 1963, and was ordained in 1973. During his 46 years of Salesian priestly life he served 5 years in Chieri, then 15 years at Valdocco as provincial secretary and the last 26 years in the General House community in Rome.

His smiling face is known to many EAO Salesians. Glad to be in direct contact with some of the most precious relics of Salesian history, Fr Cei always happily showed the scholars and visitors to the Salesian Central Archives the findings he took care of, such as autographed letters of Don Bosco or the most significant documents of the history of the Society of Saint Francis of Sales. Some of the sharing on FB pages show his human and Salesian profile:

  • Thanks, Fr. Luigi for your affection, your friendliness, your goodness and your delicate way of dealing with archive visitors.
  • May the good Lord recompense him for the good he shared. I keep wonderful memories how he welcomed us when we were looking for some materials in the Central archives. Thank you, Fr. Cei!
  • Sorry, dear Fr. Cei, may Don Bosco welcome you to the glory of the Saints.
  • Thanks for all your hard, silent and sacrificed work!
  • May the Lord grant you Don Luigi Cei eternal rest and happiness! May you Rest In Peace!
  • Thanks to God for his life, he was trully a man of God! Rest in peace! (VDB)
  • Rest in peace dear Father Luigi together with Don Bosco and all our saints.
  • I spent 16 years with him in the General house. Always competent and discreet, faithful in his Central Archive duties, rest in peace!
  • Requiescat in pace Gentile Don Cei! Fond memories of your meekness and gentleness... am sure you are now among the Blessed!
  • The meekness, goodness and generosity of Fr. Luigi did so good to many people! May St. Aloysius Gonzaga welcome him to Paradise!
  • Thanks for your paternity and life witness, for your availability and smile! True gentleman and scholar! (ASC)
  • Special prayers for my dear friend and kind confrere ... ????
  • May his soul rest in peace...from the ad gentes missionaries ...

Fr. Luigi Cei's funeral mass was celebrated in the Salesian University chapel on Saturday, June 22nd. Rest in peace! Welcome to the Salesian garden!





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