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Rector Major - Commentary to the Strenna 2016


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27/12/2015 - RMG - Today Presentation of the Strenna 2016

Photo for the article -RMG – TODAY PRESENTATION OF THE STRENNA 2016

(ANS – Rome) –The year 2016 which is about to begin, is – for the Salesian Family – a year dedicated to make a journey together, to walk together on the way that is shown to us by the Holy Spirit. The Rector Major, Fr. Ángel Fernández Artime, presented officially the Strenna at the Generalate of the Daughters of Mary help of Christians, accompanied by Fr. Filiberto González, Councillor for Social Communication and by Fr. Américo Chaquisse, Regional Councillor for Africa-Madagascar

In A Joyful Family Atmosphere, Fr. Ángel Fernández Artime met in the auditorium of the Generalate Mother Yvonne Reungoat, a large number of FMAs, and some members of the Salesian Family. To all those present, the successor of Don Bosco briefly presented the theme and structure of the Strenna 2016, expressed in the by now well-known slogan: “With Jesus, let us adventure in the Spirit together!”
When explaining the choice of his second Strenna, Fr Á.F. Artime drew attention to several aspects: first, the power of the Spirit who acts in freedom and knocks on the door of every human being; secondly, the experience of the journey that all must do as they go through life: then the sense of adventure, because often in the journey we reach a point where "there are no certainties," but we carry on in the knowledge that the Spirit will surprise us and lead us beyond all our expectations.

After a short time dedicated to the echoes of the audience and to the questions addressed to Fr. Á.F. Artime, the evening was concluded with a greeting of Mother Reungoat and a moment of Salesian conviviality.

The full text of the commentary on the Strenna (Italian, Spanish and French) is available on This year’s video, prepared by Agenzia info Salesiana upon mandate from the Dicastery for Social Communication, can be seen as from today on ANSChannelin YouTube, in various languages (5 dubbed). The text of the presentation in Italian, Spanish and French is available at the following link.


ENGLISH: STRENNA 2016 - Presentation-ENG.docx 

ITALIANO: STRENNA 2016 - Presentazione ITA.doc

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WITH JESUS, let us adventure in the Spirit together!



A brief summary of some ideas that will be developed later on:



* Life is where we find ourselves at the crossroads. We are all familiar with this experience, confronted as we are by a variety of paths and options. And it is precisely along the path of life that the Spirit operates and, in all freedom, knocks on the door of every human heart.


* In one way or another we all have the experience of being travellers, and there are days when we have travelled long distances. This experience of journeying sheds light on what it means to engage in an adventure with the Spirit.


* Why? What does it mean to “adventure in the Spirit”?

→ In the first place, it is an INTERIOR journey.

→ But, an interior journey is not only an exercise of entering into our inmost self, however good such an exercise may be. For us who are believers, it is a journey of SPIRITUALITY, a spirituality that is cultivated and expressed in ways we shall speak of later.


* Jesus himself lived an authentic “adventure” of openness to the Spirit. He always sought the Will of the Father who in His Spirit inspired, accompanied, moved and guided Him…


* Don Bosco himself lived his entire life, open to the Spirit, because it was his desire to respond to what God asked of him, with regard to himself and for the sake of his boys. The path he followed at Chieri and his continual searching were a truly adventurous journey, as he allowed himself to be guided by the Spirit. This journey led him down the years to that harmony and personal unity that were far removed from any kind of fragmentation.


* It was the same thing with the Lord Jesus, with Mary of Nazareth - they lived an adventure of the Spirit that meant trusting in God without knowing the point of arrival - and with Don Bosco, whose yes to the Spirit was a real life adventure with incredible challenges. And this is the invitation we receive each day to go deeper along the path of the Spirit, allowing ourselves to be accompanied, led and surprised by Him. It is a path that holds a lot of "adventure": in it there are no certainties, but the point of arrival is fascinating.


* How do we express and manifest this path of interiority and spirituality that enables us to let the Spirit accompany our lives?


→ It is expressed in a profound experience of faith.

→ In cultivating the community dimension of this same faith.

→ By growing in mercy and in the fraternal dimension of our life.


* Finally, we would like to ask you, dear young people, to allow us to make this voyage of discovery together. Let us walk this journey together! Let us learn together, let us experience together, because this will do a lot of good to all of us. And, in this "all" we include the Salesian Family in all its various manifestations for whom this Strenna is primarily intended. But, we also think of you, the many thousands and thousands of young people who in various countries, cultures and Salesian presences are the animators of other young people, accompanying them on this adventurous journey, accompanied along the way by Him, the Spirit of God, who, as we said, surprises, stimulates, provokes, inspires, fascinates and accompanies ...


Ángel Fernández Artime


(A brief summary, outlining how the Strenna for 2016 will be developed in October)





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