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Phnom Penh. After the visit of the Rector Major to Cambodia, the growing Educative Pastoral Communities of the Delegation sent once more their representatives to a journey of 3 days with Fr. Mario Antonio Baclig, to continue the development of the Salesian building community. The encounter with Fr. Mario was at Don Bosco Technical School of Phnom Penh between April 27 and 29. The first journey was on February with the revise Vision-Mission statement.

The team represented 5 Salesian presences:
  1. Don Bosco Children Center of Poipet, Banteay Meanchey Province, west of Cambodia, near the Thai border, led by South Korean Fr. Mark Yang. The Center includes literacy and basic education, elementary and secondary school, boarders, vocational school and children fund.
  2. Don Bosco Salabath of Battambang Province, west of Cambodia, led by lay people with the guidance of Filipino Fr. Leo Ochoa, a work dedicated to agro-mechanical schoo, anti-child trafficking, basic education, elementary and secondary school, kindergarten and children fund. It includes also the Andaung Chenh Center.
  3. Don Bosco Technical School of Phnom Penh, led by Filipino Fr. Roel Soto, includes technical school, boarders, oratory, printing press, pastoral services, Besucco Boys, children fund and it is the headquarters of the Delegation. 
  4. Don Bosco Technical School of Sihanoukville, south of Cambodia, at the sea coast, led by Indian Fr. Eugene Xalxo, it includes technical school, hotel school, boarding house, care for children and kindergarten, oratory, prison project, Brother Sun Vocational Group and children fund.
  5. Don Bosco Technical School Hatrans, Kep Province, southeast of Cambodia, at the sea coast, near the Vietnamese border, led by Colombian Fr. Albeiro Rodas (Samnang), a school phisically challenged friendly, technical school, boarders, Brother Sun Children (students residence), oratatory, kindergarten and children fund. 
Cambodia Salesian Delegation 2016.jpg

Fr. Mario animated the journey of building objectives and strategies for the setting of the Cambodian Salesian Delegation.

Fr. Mario Beglic.jpg

A time to meet the Cambodian youth. Fr. Mario visited the southeast of Cambodia, near the Vietnamese border, to the provinces of Kep and Kampot and Don Bosco Hatrans. Here visiting the rural house of teacher Try Seyha and his brothers.

Fr. Mario with the Try siblings.jpg

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    vaclav 2016.05.12 13:14
    Well done and well reported!
    congrats to fr. mario for his animation services
    out of the Philippines
    fr. vaclav

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