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2016.02.08 01:56

Don Bosco Way Religious

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Thomas Anchukandam, sdb
Don Bosco-Cambodia style.jpg

Being a Religious the Don Bosco Way is a call to be like Don Bosco, an authentic sign and bearer of God’s love in the world of today. This is to be realized, not only by being mere “service-providers,” but by being also experts in sharing knowledge in its various dimensions, spiritual experiences and insights, and above all by being agents of communion. This is possible only for one who is engaged in a constant search for God’s will in imitation of Christ Himself and like Him in identifying that will with “the total well-being of all people.” Don Bosco, embodied in himself these “perennial values” which characterize religious life.”
This book entitled Being a Religious the Don Bosco Way, is a collection of retreat talks preached by Fr. Thomas Anchukandam, SDB. Based on his wide experience and vast learning he points out how we can be happy and effective religious today following the footsteps of Don Bosco.
 An Excellent Book to Guide Us as We Move Beyond the Bi-Centenary!
Fr. Thomas Anchukandam, sdb, who has a doctorate in Church History from the Gregorian University, Rome,  served as the provincial of the Sacred Heart Province of Bangalore. Currently he is the Director of the Salesian Historical Institute (Rome) and Professor at the Salesian Pontifical University (Rome).

1.     Consecrated Life – A Call to Live the Memory and the Prophecy
2.     The Historical Evolution of Consecrated Life in the Church
3.     Consecrated to be in the World, to be for the World but NOT to be of the World.
4.     The Consecrated to be Constant Seekers of the Father’s Will.
5.     The Essential Rhythm of Consecrated Life: Ora et Labora: Involvement and Withdrawal
6.     The Influences that Shaped Don Bosco and His Apostolate
7.     The Personality of Don Bosco – The Founder of the Salesians of Don Bosco
8.     Don Bosco – An Assiduous Seeker of God’s Will
9.     Don Bosco, The Priest for the Young
10.  Called to be a Sign of Hope to the World
11.  Consecrated Life as a Call to Passionate Living
12.  Don Bosco Beyond Time and Boundaries
13.  Mary, the Teacher and Model of Don Bosco and the Salesians Etc...

                                                   Pages 187
Price : Rs. 130.00
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The Manager, Kristu Jyoti Publications,

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