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Human Trafficking 2020 Feb 8.jpg

February 8 is the Feast of Saint Bakhita

For the Catholic Church also a day of prayer and awareness to fight the human trafficking


Bakhita Day: bakhita-day-2019-RESOURCE-interactive-FINAL.pdf

Vatican Handbook on Human trafficking: Handbook-on-Human-Trafficking Vatican 2019.pdf

Santa Marta group (Pope Francis initiative):


Bakhita-Francis reminder.jpg




Heavenly Father, we thank you for the inspiring example of Saint Josephine Bakhita.


Saint Josephine Bakhita, you were enslaved as a child; you were bought and sold, you were treated brutally. Intercede, we implore you, for all those who are trapped in trafficking and slavery. May their captors let them go, and may this evil be erased from the face of the earth.


Saint Josephine Bakhita, once you regained your freedom, you did not let your sufferings define your life. You chose a path of kindness and generosity. Help those blinded by greed and lust who trample the human rights and dignity of their brothers and sisters. Help them to break out of their hateful chains, to become fully human again, and to imitate your kindness and generosity. 


Dear Saint Josephine Bakhita, your freedom drew you to Christ and his Church. Then God called you to religious life as a Canossian Sister. You practiced great charity, mercy and joyful gentleness in your vocation. Help us always to be like you, especially when we feel tempted to look away and not to help, to reject others or even to abuse them. Intercede for us so that Christ may fill our hearts with joy as he always filled yours.


O Loving God, pour your merciful light into our troubled world. Let it flood into the darkest shadows. Bring salvation to the innocents who suffer under sinful abuse. Bring conversion to the utterly lost souls who hold them captive and exploit them. Give us all the strength to grow in the true freedom of love for you, for each other and for our common home.



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