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English version 



Bishop Aloysius Versiglia and Fr. Callisto Caravario


By Fr Guido Bosio, SDB

FINAL VERSION for printing (September 2020)



Captions (photo); Versiglia-captions.docx


Text 24 chapters (Word): draft - before correction




























Martyrs in Sinis.jpg


Cover of the Bangalore-India edition (not yet final)

Chinese Martyrs-Martiri in Cina-Bangalore 2020.jpg

ed. 2020



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    vaclav 2019.03.25 12:56
    Dear Fr.

    Father, thank you so much for your email, especially a reading about my beloved Saint Don Callisto Caravario. I am so happy. When I opened your email, I red the history right away. I stopped doing anything else until I finished read it. And I have just finished reading it, before replying your email.

    I am so glad, even with tears and sorrow sometimes, especially Don Callisto’s lovely letter to his mother. It is so touched. My office is nearby the residence of Don Callisto. I could see him with tears that Don Callisto might walk around, back and forth in front of my office back to 91-92 years ago. I am so happy that Don Callisto could able to come and stay in my country, nearby the place where I am working now. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to meet with him. Some people, the grandchildren of those who were studied with Don Callisto perhaps still alive and leave around here. I wish I know them, so I could past this beautiful history of Don Callisto, the first Saint that visit Timor-Leste.

    I am sad that the place where Don Callisto used to stay, turned it to business center partially, I hope that some remaining parts we could turn it to the Garden of Don Callisto, or Museum of Missionary to Timor-Lest. Since I was elected as National President of Past Pupils of Timor-Leste, I think so much what we could do something for our beloved Saint Don Callisto. As past pupils we tried do small things this year to celebrate the feast of Don Callisto and Don Virgilia as well launched the website and identity card of past pupils. We did have a plan to prepare a hundred years of the arrival of Don Calisto Caravario. Therefore, I would like to ask father prayer for our intention (past pupils’ intention, as well Salesian Family intention), hopefully, we could leave some historical memories for our young generation in Timor-Leste.

    Thank you so much father, for your message, I do really enjoy reading the history of my beloved Saint, Don Callisto Caravario. He is great man and great Missionary of Don Bosco. Father please pray to Don Callisto Caravario for us in Timor-Leste, especially our intention.

    With love and prayers from Dili,

    ... Past Pupils Timor-Leste

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