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First Worshop

Rome, May 2018


LETTER - CONCLUSION: Fr. Ivo Coelho (Councilor for Formation)



DISCERNEMENT TWO FORMS Seminar ENG Program @ 23 April.docx

SHARING of the participants

Africa - AFRICA-1.docx

America - AMERICA-1.docxAMERICA-2.docx

Europe - EU-1.docxEU-2.docx

EAO - EAO-1.docxEAO-2.docxEAO-3.doc

SDB Ratio Appendix: 

CRITERIA FOR DISCERNMENT SDB Discernment Criteria 2000.rtf

TWO FORMS OF SALESIAN VOCATION - Criteria: Salesian Vocation-two forms signs RATIO.docx



D. Signs of a specific vocation


84.       The criteria for discernment so far spelled out are valid for all Salesians. However, since the whole life of a confrere is marked by a specific vocation, his lay or clerical state constitutes a permanent perspective for vocational discernment.  It is therefore opportune to indicate some of the particular signs, in the knowledge that one is dealing with some that are specific but not exclusive.


85.       Signs, which lead to identify the vocation of  a Salesian brother 


            On account of his lay consecrated state, the Salesian brother is at one and the same time a sign of the secular dimension of the Church and of the values of consecration; for the Salesian community, the Educative Pastoral Community and the Church, he is a living pointer to the values of the secular dimension of the world and of history.

            The lay state must not be considered as something negative – not wanting or not being able to become a Salesian priest or deacon – nor should it be reduced to a service or simple role.[1]In the first place it does not refer to what the brother wants to do or can do, but to how he ought to be in what he does. His way of living  the Salesian vocation, his approach to the mission, his role in the Salesian community[2] and in the educative community, require certain attitudes and some specific characteristics:


86.       a) to feel called to live all the Salesian values as a consecrated lay person, which implies:

            - responding to the will of God, placing himself at His service and achieving his own sanctification as a lay religious: a response expressed in the witness of the “good Christian” lived in the consecrated life;

            - accepting this specific vocation as an “original” way of being himself, with its riches and the diversity of its roles, which fulfils not limits his own aspirations, and appreciating what this means on the spiritual, community and pastoral levels;

            - being aware of and taking up the commitment of living in the Congregation with Salesian priests “as brothers who complement each other in living out the same vocation”

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