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Consecrated men and women are witnessing the Gospel in Thailand

By Our Own Correspondent

Bangkok, Thailand, 19 September 2018 -- 'I'm the servant of the Lord' - this is the motto of the Sisters 'Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary' (SIHM, group of Salesian Family) born in Thailand more than 80 years ago with 92 sisters and two novices. Together with the SDB (80 members), FMA Sisters (84 members), SQM (Sisters of Queenship of Mary, 26 members) and two secular institutes - DQM (Daugthers of Queenship of Mary, 39 members) and VDB (Volunteers of Don Bosco, 15 members) the Salesian Family makes a significant portion (16%) of the total1542 consecrated religiious women and 462 religious men.

In the diaspora Church of Thailand, where the Catholics are only 0.3% of the whole population, the religious men and women are among the most visible signs of God's love for their fellow country people, great majority of Buddhist religion. However the Catholic Church plays a leading role in education (from kindegarten to university), in cancer treatment, in promoting human dignity and self-empowerment, especially among the ethnic minorities of the Northern peripheries.

Among the men religious the SDB are the first most numerous Congregation (80 SDB), followed by the Redemptorists (70 CsSR), Monfort Brothers (68) and Camillian Brothers (58) with another 22 religious orders and congregations, majority with very few members.

With the fast growing industrial and IT society, with a strong domestic migration also the vocation to religious life are significantly decreased. Most of the religious still foster the system of aspirantates (starting from junior school). We pray for the faith, wisdom and sharing of good practices in fostering a solid vocation culture in Thailand.







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  • ceteratolle 2018.09.22 15:47
    Dear Editor,

    Good morning!
    May I refer to your article <I'm the servant of the Lord>
    Apart from the content reported in the article, I am particularly delighted also by the detailed account in numbers - and hopefully also accurate - of different religious bodies, both men and women.
    Obviously, the number does not count for evething, however to know the real situation which certainly includes the number of the Religious Congregations in a certain local church and the number of their members, therefore also their real, moral and physical capacity and limits of energy and sevices is the first condition to make plans and to start the work.
    Congratulations to the editor and other diligent collaborators!
    In some way I can feel the presence and  impulse  behind the scene of the Extraordinary Visitor of the Recotr Major now in Thailand.
    With the best wishes!
    Yours sincerely, Fr. John Baptist ZEN, SDB Tainan, 21 September 2018

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