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Interview with Bro. Ambrose

By Our Own Correspondent

Myitkyina, Myanma, 19 May 2018 --

What’s make you happy or what fills your heart with joy?

During my stay in Myitkyina 24/7 with our boys in the VTC, especially when see their graduation, getting safe… These are the moments of deeper satisfaction. In spite of the daily difficulty, I’m happy in their midst.

Who was your Salesian Brother model?

I was attracted by Blessed Brother Artemide Zatti! I admire the way how he served so many people.

What does sustation your Salesian vocation?

Community life, presence among the boys – it’s fully engaging commitment. I’m trying to save them and in turn they are saving me! Even if I’m tempted my own ‘things’ but it would not compatible with my religious commitment, they protect me from these temptations.

How did you discern the Salesian Brother vocation?

I don’t’ know indeed why! There was something deep in my heart simply telling me, that in this form of Salesian vocation I can serve with more fruits. Jesus is my model as a Good Shepherd, now always weary the Salesian Cross… it reminds me to be Good shepherd for our boys. Their life is easily broken, very fragile is they are exposed to the society. Even though they might escape from Don Bosco to their previous temptation – easy to use drugs, broken families are not very supportive and it’s easy to do ‘bad things’ or just live without a purpouse.

What is your favourite prayer?

One Our Father and three Hail Mary, saying every day before already learnt in my childhood, from one of our catechists.

What can we do better for the Salesian Brother promotion in Myanmar?

No idea, but what is sure that the clericalism is very strong, but people notice the two forms, but they don’t’ ask about the Brother – see something different, but they don’t understand. Better to explain our vocation by action, since the mindset of the Catholics is just focused on the Priest. In the past we tried.. It’s not easy to help the ordinary Catholics to understand religious Brother vocation. Even among the Salesians, some don’t understand. Difficult to explain.

However MYM is a Salesian Brother friendly provincial community, but we need to improve. We don’t have much work for the Brothers. Eg. We run the VTC Myitkyina is here, but we still miss the system.

As participant in the previous 2013 EAO Brother Congress in Hua Hin?

Yes, I get know more Salesian Brother and learn, what they are doing there. Like one week long strong family experience, like a family coming from many different countries together.

Expectations from the 2018 EAO Brother Congress?

To learn some Salesian Brother experience in the other 22 countries and apply it here! For example about the management or administration of Don Bosco schools and Oratories.

What did you learn from Myitkyina boys?

I have learnt a lot from our boys. First - staying with them, there is a variety of characters. Like to become with them patiently, help me to get a vision for them. Now I’m more patient and unconditional acceptance, even some IDP (domestic refugees). Some of them have clear dream, they are really committed and they try. All troublemakers are Catholics. Majority are of good quality. Problem boys are our best friends.

As MYM Salesian brother coordinator? Any wish?

I would like to suggest that each Salesian Brother is prepared for a true professional work, to be committed to some practical work with appropriate skills. In this way also in front of the government our non-formal VTC with non-professional paradigm may improve the quality. We need to train little by little, one by one each Brother. After qualification studies some Brothers may substitute others in the mission field.



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