Accompaniment - one of the Salesian key words!

by vaclav posted Jul 28, 2017


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EAO Good Night Talk (41)                                                                  


   August 1, 2017


Accompaniment - one of Salesian key words


Dear Friends and Salesian Family members!



     I’m more and more deeply convinced that we need more time to sit down and reflect, also to kneel down and pray for the things we reflect. Just few weeks ago we had a good chance of the yearly spiritual retreat with the Rector Major in a Benedictine Abbey near Florence. When I reflect on past 3 year experience as regional councilor, I realized very strongly our renewed commitment to accompaniment. Indeed at present with Fr. Angel we dedicate substantial time to accompany 90 SDB provincials around the world. Straight after their appointment they are called to Rome for a personal talk with all council members and there are other three more occasions during their 6 year term.


   Don Bosco was accompanied by many people, from Don Calosso up to Don Cafasso. We acknowledge a strong family spirit at Valdocco as the best environment for growth in faith, vocation and mission for the young. Everybody was accompanied and in turn the first Salesian generation were able to accompany the youngsters and young Salesians.


  With honesty we acknowledge a huge deficit of accompaniment in our communities today. There are many reasons – no time, not considering it important or simple don’t know how to accompany our youth and our confreres. But if I’m not accompanied by somebody else, it’s also very difficult to expect that I will be able to journey together with others.


  During this summer time (winter in the southern part of the EAO region) I’m praying that we are able to help our provincials to accompany better their rectors, that the rectors and other mature Salesians would dedicate enough time and energy for accompaniment of their confreres, lay mission partners, Salesian family members and especially for the young who show signs of vocation.


  And we believe that the first and most important attitude on the journey is the ability to listen – with calm, patience and faith vision. Let’s make this summer a time of listening, walking together, praying together and helping to discover the dream of God about each of one of us!


In Don Bosco

Fr. Václav Klement, SDB

EAO Regional councillor