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From first Salesian Missionary Aspirantate (Ivrea 1922) to present (2022)


The Salesian Missionary Vision (1923-1967)

[Gioventu missionaria - missionary animation magazine] 

Salesian Missionary Vision 1923-1967.pdf

Salesian Missionary Vision cover.pdf


Ivrea 1923 (Don Rinaldi with the missionary aspirants)




Sirajuli 2011

DSC01684-sirajuli tutti.jpg



Ivrea (Italy) and other 9 European missionary aspirantate

ANS News 2011: 141-ANS-Ivrea-ita.doc



India - Sirajuli (Assam, 2010)

ING11-Sirajuli open-Cathnews india 111125.doc

ING11-Sirajuli opening 111125-CM Paul blog.doc


India - Perambur (Chennai, 2012)



Testimonials of former missionary aspirants - missionaries ad gentes


MOR (Middle East): Narrative Sharing in form of interview!.pdf

ICC (Italy Central): My name is Anthony Panmei.pdf


Sirajuli Miss Asp 2013.png


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    Salesian Missions 150 years (1875-2025)

    Salesian Missions 150 (1875-2025)   Rector Majors and Salesian Missions  
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  2. 2022 Salesian Mission Day: Communicating Christ Today

    Salesian Mission Day 2022 - Communicating Christ Today   Animation Booklet (52 pages) [SMD] Salesian Mission Day Booklet-min.pdf   Poster (A2)   Rector Major Message   Prayer    Videos (YouTube - Sector for the Salesian Missions)     (ANS –...
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  3. Appeal for Salesian Missions 2022

    Already a traditional appeal made by the Rector Major (December 8) at the end of 2021 aims to the incoming 153rd Salesian Missionary Expedition in September 2022. At the center of new missionaries (2010) is the Servant of God, Fr Luigi Bolla...
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  4. Formation in Mission

    Formation in Mission EAO FORMATION OF FORMATORS November 17, 2021   FOR DOWNLOAD (61 slides) EAO Salesian Missionary Formation 2021.pdf     Salesian missionary expedition 152    
    Date2021.11.18 Byvaclav Views1919
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  5. Salesian Missionary Vocation (2021)

    Salesian Missionary Vocation (2021) Fr Alfred Maravilla General Councilor for the Missions 2021   For download: Salesian Missionary Vocation 1 - ENG 20210621.pdf Salesian Missionary Vocation 2 - ENG 20210621.pdf Salesian Missionary Vocation ...
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  6. Cagliero 11

    Cagliero11 - Salesian Missionary Animation Newsletter (since 2009)   and  
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  7. 2021 World Religion Freedom Report

    2021 (April 20) WORLD RELIGOUS FREEDOM REPORT      Executive summary:                  
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  8. 2021 Salesian Mission Day

    SMD (Salesian Mission Day) 2021 One Father - One Family 'Salesian Missionary Solidarity as Initial Proclamation of Jesus'       One Father - One Family: Don Bosco Solidarity in Covid times SDB Book Fifth Cut.pdf  (ed. 2021)     Animation too...
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  9. Solomon Island Missions 25 years (1995-2020)

    News article LIS (Light for the Voiceless)   Full text: Solomon Islands 25 years-web.docx     With gratitude for the past 25 years of Salesian missions in this country      
    Date2020.12.04 Byvaclav Views7573
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  10. EAO Missionary Animation 2020

    EAO Missionary Animation Delegates 2020 Online meeting (November 18-20, 2020)   Resources shared Salesian mission day-text MC George.pdf Salesian mission day-MC George.pdf Refugees-IDP Marco.pdf Missionary anim-Volunteers Pavel.pdf     Resou...
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  11. Salesian Mission Office - Bonn 2012

      Salesian Mission Office Bonn 2012 - Provincial Mission Office at the Service of the Salesian Charism   ACTS for DOWNLOAD: Mission Office-Bonn 2013 ENG.pdf (available in ENGLISH, ESPANOL)    
    Date2020.11.20 Byvaclav Views7907
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  12. Andrej Majcen (1904-1999) Missionary-Servant of God

    Andrej Majcen, SDB Missionary - Servant of God (1904-1999)     Prayer of thanksgiving   Thank you, God, for calling me and giving me the courage to repond to your call…   Thank you, God, especially for the paths I took at home and in the mis...
    Date2020.11.19 Byvaclav Views3781
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  13. Pope Francis-Fratelli Tutti

    Encyclical of Pope Francis 'FRATELLI TUTTI' (All Brothers)   Word and Life Publication Manila, Philippines - November 2020   Study edition for download: Fratelli Tutti_D_ins11120.pdf      
    Date2020.11.17 Byvaclav Views8606
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  14. Missionary Interview - full text

    Missionary Interview - full text October 2020   Mongolia-Fr Andrew Tin: VIE-Fr Tin Mongolia interview 2020.docx    
    Date2020.10.30 Byvaclav Views7326
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  15. Catholic Church Statistics - 2021 (World Mission Sunday)

    Catholic Church in the World - Missionary Animation   Message of Pope Francis (World Mission Sunday 2021) Francis-Mission Sunday 2021 Message.docx   Statistics Catholic(Universal) Church 2021   Dossier ITA: Dossier_Statistiche_2021.pdf Dossi...
    Date2020.10.18 Byvaclav Views490
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  16. Ceferino Namuncura (1886-1905)

    Blessed Ceferino Namuncura (1886-1905) Feast - August 26     'QUIERO ESTUDIAR Y SER UTIL A MI GENTE' (life motto) "I would like to study and be useful to my people"     Original photos Buenos Aires (Father and his sons - Julian (L) & ?(R...
    Date2020.09.08 Byvaclav Views490
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  17. Martyrdom in China - Versiglia & Caravario 90 years

    Martyrdom of Sts. Louis Versiglia and Callisto Caravario (1930-2020)   Oliva Gessi & Courgne (Italy) - China - Timor Leste   For download: "Martyrs in China" (Biography, LDC 1976) Martyrs-in-China-corr-pages.docx Martyrs-in-China-corr.do...
    Date2020.08.31 Byvaclav Views560
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  18. Salesian Missionary Aspirantate (1922-2022)

    From first Salesian Missionary Aspirantate (Ivrea 1922) to present (2022)   The Salesian Missionary Vision (1923-1967) [Gioventu missionaria - missionary animation magazine]  Salesian Missionary Vision 1923-1967.pdf Salesian Missionary Visio...
    Date2020.08.24 Byvaclav Views2405
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  19. Slovakia - Gypsie mission Kosice-Lunik 9

    A special project of the 2020 Salesian Mission Day - Oratory in Europe   FOR DOWNLOAD: Salesian Mission Day 2010: I'm with you (Salesian Mission with the Gypsies in Europe) Domisal-2010-eng.pdf     Related materials about Gypsie - Roma minis...
    Date2020.07.29 Byvaclav Views4129
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  20. 11th of the month - missionary animation

    Every 11th of the month - missionary animation day       PGS Viceprovince (July 11, 2020) animation materials     INB Province animation materials Mission Animation - July 2020.pptx   GIA Province translates Cagliero11 and missionary prayer ...
    Date2020.07.12 Byvaclav Views3296
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