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Practical trainees accompaniment

Fr Ivo Coelho (2019) and Fr Francesco Cereda (2010)


For download


COELHO, Letter on Practical Training, 15.10.2019 ENG.pdf


COELHO, Lettera sul tirocinio, 15.10.2019 ITA.pdf

TLS-practical trainee.jpg


'What helps you in your vocation growth during practical training?'

  • Accompaniment by my rector

  • Community aspect is the first strength in our life, quality of the accompanying Salesians. Does not matter really the numbers of our community, but if my confreres listen to you!

  • Prayer and trust given by my community, in spite of my mistakes, I'm still given trust to be creative

  • Regularity in 'rendiconto' and spiritual direction, sacrament of reconciliation

  • Join practical trainees seminar with confreres from other provinces

  • Live and work with lay mission partners

If you become provincial,

how would you arrange more formative experience during practical training?'

  • I'm very grateful to be here for 5 days, since in our province we have only 2 hours session twice a year

  • Joint meeting brings a different view point, input. At home I listen only to one voice, of the rector

  • Arrange the help to discern missionary vocation through exchange of other provinces/ delegations

  • Provincial plan for the practical trainees – what is expected from us, or concrete local community plan

  • Our rectors would assume that we are OK, but we expect at least once a month spiritual direction and since we are always busy and the whole month we don’t see our confessor: guarantee monthly recharging

  • Regular rendiconto during the practical trainee meeting (3 times a year), with our provincial present

  • Minimum of two practical trainees in one community, it would lessen our stress and burden (survival)

  • Care for each confrere in practical training. Usually the perpetually professed confreres think we are already perfect, we are capable … and not allowed to commit mistakes

  • Assign practical trainees as groups, never single trainee in one community alone

  • One day for reflection and recollection at least every month (Ratio requires reflection during

  • Seminars for the rector (seminar for parenting), not all the rectors know, how to accompany us!

  • Joint formation of rectors and practical trainees, since we need to bridge the age gap

  • High time to promote the missionary vocations – we should be more immersed in other cultures

  • Give a chance for practical skills - coaching


This joint formation session is part of the 3 annual formation sessions for the practical trainees between the two Filipino provinces. We congratulate the formators and give thanks to all resource persons who made this refreshing experience possible.



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