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7th EAO Salesian Brother Congress (2018)

Day3-Congress 2018 all.jpg


Message of the Rector Major: 

EAO-RM message Salesian Brother 2018 ENG.pdf

Directory - EAO Salesian Brothers

 EAO-Salesian Brothers 2018 Directory.pdf


Day 1

Introduction: EAO Regional 

EAO-097 EAO Salesian Brother-Introduction.doc

Simon Srugi: Talk  - Personal and spiritual profile by Fr. Ivo

Day 1-Simon Srugi Talk-Province group sharing.docx

Simon Srugi: Province group sharing

Province Group Sharing - Fr Ivo input on S. Srugi.docx

Workshop II (mixed)

EAO-Brother Congress-Workshop I.docx

Day 2

Assembly - Follow up of the mixed group Workshop I

EAO Salesian Brother Workshop 1 follow.docx

What kind of Salesian Brother for the EAO youth? Br. Jean Paul

What kind of Salesian Brother for EAO Youth Vietnam August 2018mjp.docx

Hand Out What Kind of SDB Brother mjp August 2018.docx

Province group sharing:

Province Group Sharing - Bro Muller input.docx

Day 3

Workshop II (mixed):

EAO Brother Congress Workshop II.docx

Assembly - follow up of the Workshop II (mixed groups)

EAO Salesian Brother - Assembly day 3.docx

Day 4

Resolutions: EAO-Brother Congress-Resolutions 2018-2024.docx



Acts of the 7th EAO Salesian Brother Congress - draft

Publication - deadline before Christmas 2018!


Acts of the 7th EAO Salesian Brother Congress Aug 9-12, K’Long – Vietnam




1.1 Message of the Rector Major

1.2 Presentation – Councilor for Formation, Fr. Ivo Coelho

1.3 Logo of the 7th EAO Salesian Brother Congress, Br. Dominic Nam




2.1 EAO Convocation Letters: September 2017 – April 2018

2.2  Evaluation 2006 EAO Province Resolutions

     (12 provinces + related data: statistics, EAO language terminology related to the Salesian Brother…

2.3  Reflection on Fr. Andrea Bozzolo’s ‘Two forms of one Salesian Vocation’ (ed. 2015

    (12 provinces – order according 3 question following the reflection)

2.4  How to present one Salesian vocation in two forms?

2.5  Listen to the Salesian Brothers: links to 60+ online interview (Boscolink)

2.6  Listen to the Salesian Brothers: links to 20+ Youtube video-clips (EAO provinces)

2.7  Analysis of the interviews: Fr. Anthony Lobo, UPS - Rome

2.8  Holy Salesian Brothers – 28 Blessed and 1 Venerable (Simaan Srugi)



                       < Goals and flow of the 9 sessions spread during the 4 days of the Congress>

                  < Discernment dynamics: Listen > Interpret > Decide together the way forward>


Day 1

3.1 Introduction: By Fr. Vaclav Klement, EAO Regional Councilor

3.2 Venerable Simaan Srugi: By Fr. Ivo Coelho & Province group sharing

3.3 Workshop I – Reflection on the Evaluation, Interview, Reflection by mixed groups

Day 2

3.4 Assembly – sharing and feedback on the mixed group Workshop I

3.5 What kind of Salesian Brother for today’s youth? By Br. Jean Paul & Province sharing

Day 3

3.6 Workshop II – What kind of Salesian for today’s youth?

3.7 Assembly – sharing and feedback on the mixed group Workshop II

Day 4

3.8 Resolutions 2018-2024: Province group discernment

3.9 Assembly – feedback on the Resolutions

3.10 Evaluation

Other activity during the EAO Congress in K’Long

3.11Personal and group interviews

3.12Communication to the Congregation: AustraLasia and ANS news

3.13Fellowship and Cultural Night (souvenier, sharing, dance, video sharing)

3.14Vietnam social and cultural experience (Duc Truong district SDB and ASC)

3.15Decoration (VIE – Huy, Tien, Nam)

3.16 Province exhibit panel (INA, VIE)


AFTER – Follow up of the 7th EAO Brother Congress


4.1 List of participants – according provinces, regions (out of the EAO)

4.2 List of group members (province, mixed groups)

4.3 Timetable – Day 1> Day 4 (real time)

4.4 Organizing committee: VIE Province Brothers (structure – names)

4.4 Salesian Brother related reading: basic Salesian Brother Library (Catholic-SDB)

4.5 Documents prepared for the EAO Salesian Brother Congress: list

4.6 Digital archive and Youtube online chronicle of the Congress (VIE-SC)




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  12. Salesian Spiritual Accompaniment 2019

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  13. EAO Salesian Brothers Congress 2018 - K'Long, Vietnam

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  14. EAO Salesian History Conference 2019 (Thailand)

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  16. Salesian Brother - Europe Meeting 2019

    Barcelona-Spain EUROPE SALESIAN BROTHERS MEETING 2019 Salesian Brothers of Europe with Fr. Chavez (RM emeritus and Fr. Ivo Coelho) Talks of Fr. Pascual Chavez to the Salesian Brothers of Europe Fraternal life space for human maturity:  10-fr...
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  17. Valdocco - home of many saints

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  18. Salesian Brother Congress 2019-South Asia

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  19. EAO New Rectors Formation Course 2018

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  20. EAO Salesian Brother Congress (2018) Follow up

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