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EAO-prayer card-map GC28.jpg


EAO Region (2002-2020): plan - evaluation - study


Plan 6 years (RM & Council):


1975-2001: Summary of extraordinary visitation pointers (RM)



1996: ACG 357

20022002- ACG 380-RM-Introduction.doc

        EAOproject 2002-2008 RM-ENG.doc (ACG 380)

20087-regions.doc  (ACG 402)

2014: EAO 2015 RM Project 6 years ENG.pdf (ACG 419)

        Progetto2014-2020 Asia Est e Oceania ed 4-consiglio finale ENG.doc (notes)




Evaluation (General Chapter)

GC26: EAO-sharing March 4-final.doc

GC27: EAO GC27 evaluation 2008-2014 ENG final.docx

GC28: EAO-2019 Evaluation 2014-2020 ENG-final.pdf

         EAO-2019 Evaluation 2014-2020 ENG-short.docx



Study (General Council)


Report: EAO-relazione al Consiglio generale-2005.pdf

RM executive summary: EAO-2005 sintesi operativa ITA.doc



RM executive summary: EAO-2011 sintesi operativa ITA.docx



Report: EAO-2015 relazione al Consiglio generale ITA.pdf

RM executive summary: EAO-2015 Study General Council ENG.docx



Vision - Mission (EAO region- team visit - provincial meeting)

2005 team visit (workshop): 

2014 workshop (GC27): EAO Vision-mission 2014 GC27 workshop.doc




Vision - Mission of the East Asia - Oceania Region (2005)

 We envision EAO as a communion of Salesian Provinces, creatively faithful to Don Bosco's Charism, and effectively collaborating with each other to be evangelisers of the young, especially those who are poor.



     Thus we commit ourselves

1.  To inculturate the preventive system in our provinces (communion, charism & evangelisation)

2.     To cooperate in common projects of formation, youth ministry, social communications and other services (China services @) - collaboration

3.     To use English as the medium of communication in EAO (Communion).”




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