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    vaclav 2016.03.19 08:47
    March 2016 message – Rector Major

    My dear confreres,
    I am back again with great joy
    to this trimonthly meeting, which we have organized among ourselves.
    As always, I wish to reach each one of you
    in the various presences of our Salesian world
    and as always, also to our Salesian Family members
    who accompany us and continue this journey together.

    This time I would like to begin my reflection by making a reference to Syria.
    Recently, one of our confreres, Luciano, who is in Syria
    made an appeal, an invitation, saying:
    “please do not forget us. The world cannot forget us”.
    Fr. George Fattal, the Rector of Aleppo, has also said
    how the young have begun a wonderful intitiative,
    inviting all of us in the Salesian world
    to make an hour of adoration together, praying for peace in Syria.
    I wish to begin my greetings with this, because, I do not certainly wish, dear confreres,
    that we forget our brothers and sisters,
    the young and the families in Syria, who suffer much.

    Secondly, and this is the next purpose of this message
    that is, as our beloved Don Bosco would do, I wish to invite you
    to be attentive to the fact that we have to communicate good happenings,
    report the good things that take place in the world.
    Thus we need to make known to our people:
    those who collaborate with their families to help us as much as possible,
    about the support that the Congregation receives,
    or make known to the benefactors, those seeking funds etc…
    in short, the good that we do, we need to make known.
    This was something that Don Bosco held close to his heart.
    In this context, I invite you to have in mind,
    a great awareness of the importance of communication
    which is vital in our present world.

    Let us do that with great responsibility, as invited to do so
    by the Department of Social Communications,
    taking a cue from one of the recent studies made
    by the German Episcopal Confrerence, in which it was said
    about the importance of clarity in communication, reporting responsibly,
    verifying the truth of what is said - matters that we should keep in mind.

    I conclude now,
    with a reference to ANS, our news agency,
    that offers a generous service everyday,
    and is continuing to do so since many years,
    dealing with matters all over the Salesian world,
    by which all are able to know about our works.
    Right now, a new ANS website is being launched,
    and we shall continue, above all, with this updating,
    which will be of great help to the world of education and evangelization.

    I close, reminding you
    that we need to stand by our people who suffer much
    and I invite you to make known in every part of the world,
    all the good that we do, as members of the Salesian Family.
    This is very important: I exhort you not to remain on the margins of this reality,
    but to live it with great responsibility.
    Finally, greetings to our news agency and to all those who collaborate wth ANS.
    See you soon, dear confreres!

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