1. 4548(II)_Starting with the youth at risk - new presence in Jeju diocese

    After 20 years opening new presence in another Korean diocese By Fr. Gabriel Oh, SDB Jeju, Korea, 10 November 2017 -- Twenty years after starting a new presence in Chuncheon diocese (1996) our province is entering slo...
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  2. 4548(I)_Thank you Don Nicosia!

    We learn from the zeal and simplicity of Fr. Nicosia By Fr. Carlos Cheung, SDB Hong Kong, 9 November 2017 -- My very first impression of Father Nicosia was in 1998 when I was an aspirant. He was introduced to all aspi...
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  3. 4547(V)_Fr. Filiberto González visit to Cambodia

    Join to the Cambodia FMA 25 Year's Celebration By Fr. Francis Gulzar, SDB Kep, Cambodia, 10 November 2017 -- Fr. Filiberto González, World Councilor for the Social Communication, paid a visit to Cambodia to know the s...
    Date2017.11.10 CategoryCamb. Reply0 Views126 file
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  4. 4547(IV)_Akash is a symbol of hope for all of us!

    New light in Youhannabad Catholic community - Akash Bashir! By Fr. Francis Gulzar, SDB Lahore, Pakistan, 10 November 2017 -- "Two and half years after the suicide bombings in our Christian colony of Youhannabad the li...
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  5. 4547(III)_Focus on Salesian Missionary Heart

    By Fr. Ding Cortez, SDB Manila, the Philippines, 10 November 2017 -- Each of the 90 Salesian provinces around the world is invited to celebrate once a year a "SALESIAN MISSION DAY". There are many ways how to celebrate it in...
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  6. 4547(II)_Education to the faith at the heart of our school

    Blessing of new religion activity room in Aberdeen Technical School By Fr. Carlos Cheung, SDB Hong Kong, 6 November 2017 -- 6th Nov., also the birthday of Fr Simon Lam, a new religion activity room is blessed and laun...
    Date2017.11.10 CategoryCIN Reply0 Views342 file
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  7. 4547(I)_Listenful moments of the visitation encounter

    ITM Viceprovince visitation is taking off - Manila students encounter By Cl. Gersio Amaral, SDB Manila, the Philippines, 3 Novwmber 2017 -- We are very gratetul for the first extra-ordinary visitation encounter in our...
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  8. 4546_"We are one Family!"

    Mamma Margaret Association Korea By Fr. John Jung, SDB Daejeon, Korea, 5 November 2017 -- Last November 4-5 was held the already traditional semestral encounter of Mamma Margaret Association in Daejeon, Salesian Youth...
    Date2017.11.09 CategoryKOR Reply0 Views249 file
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  9. 4545(II)_102-Year Old EAO Patriarch, Apostle of Hansenian Patients Fr. Gaetano Nicosia RIP

    Model of Salesian missionary zeal, Fr. Nicosia - passed to the Salesian garden! By Fr. Lanfranco Fedrigotti, SDB Provincial CIN Hong Kong, 7 November 2017 -- On Monday, 06 November, 2017, at 17:15 hours Hong Kong ...
    Date2017.11.08 CategoryCIN Reply0 Views497 file
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  10. 4545(I)_Blessing and Dedication of the Don Bosco Shrine

    Don Bosco Simbu Technical College, Simbu By Sr. Marivel F. Monteveros SCSA Simbu, PNG, 5 November 2017 -- The Don Bosco Shrine, Simbu was blessed and dedicated on the 5th November, 2017 by His Excellency John Cardinal...
    Date2017.11.08 CategoryPGS Reply0 Views470 file
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