1. 3966_To be Servant-Leaders in the Salesian Missions: The application of 2016 Strenna

    The application of 2016 Strenna By Ms. Kiko Hong Kong, April 10, 2016 - Starting from the video message of Rector Major regarding 2016 Strenna, the participants were orientated to discover and experience something new as ...
    Date2016.04.13 CategoryCIN Reply0 Views427 file
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  2. 3965_New provincial house with a dream

    Facade entrance By Br. Jess Garcia, SDB Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea - The recently established Vice Province of Papua New Guinea - Solomon Islands (PGS) is preparing for the starting day at many levels. During the month of A...
    Date2016.04.11 CategoryPGS Reply0 Views277 file
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  3. 3964_Take courage, don't be afraid! (Spiritual accompaniment III)

    By Fr. Antonio Takei, SDB Aspirantate, Japan Yokkaichi, Japan, April 11, 2016 - In this third interview we listen to one young priest of Vietnamese origin, who is part of the formation team in the Yokkaichi Aspirantate in cent...
    Date2016.04.11 CategoryGIA Reply0 Views497 file
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  4. 3963_Salesian Oratory is an attitude - friendly talk (Spiritual accompaniment II)

    By Fr Bonaventura Kim, SDB Seoul, Korea, April 9, 2016 - Following the Strenna 2016 about the Adventure in the Spirit, during the Easter season of we share personal experience of spiritual direction from different EAO province...
    Date2016.04.09 CategoryKOR Reply0 Views243 file
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  5. 3962_Spiritual accompaniment: Like the head coach

    By Fr. Francis Ronachai Mathavabhandhtu Hua Hin, Thailand, April 8, 2016 As young Salesian you were looking for some specific spiritual direction formation. I like to watch soccer game and some other sports. One thi...
    Date2016.04.08 CategoryTHA Reply0 Views267 file
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  6. 3961_Do you know the Way of Light?

    By 'Testimoni del Risorto' Witness of the Risen Lord (TR 2000) Colle Don Bosco - When some of the young Salesians from EAO region reach the Basilica of Don Bosco at Becchi, they are surprised by the 14 stations of the WAY ...
    Date2016.04.05 CategoryWorld Reply0 Views341 file
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  7. 3960(II)_MYM provincial chapter 2016 opening

    By Fr. Mariano Soe Naing Photos by Fr. Leo Mang Anisakan, Myanmar, April 4, 2016 - In the morning of April 4th, 2016 the 20 delegates of the MYM Vice-province Chapter 2016 gathered in the Anisakan, Don Bosco Retreat House fo...
    Date2016.04.04 CategoryMYM Reply0 Views652 file
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  8. 3960(I)_Led by the Spirit - conclusion of the CIN PC 2016

    By Fr. Gary & Fr. Thomas, SDB Photos by Fr. Martin Cheung Chau, Hong Kong, April 2, 2016 - After a one year long preparation process, the Provincial Chapter (March 29-April 2) has given answers to the present day challen...
    Date2016.04.04 CategoryCIN Reply1 Views3713 file
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  9. 3959_Fruits of the THA province PC 2016

    By Fr. Albeiro Rodas, SDB Hua Hin, Thailand, April 1, 2016 - Fr. Paul Prasert, the Salesian superior of Thailand, Cambodia and Laos communities, gives his impressions on the Provincial Chapter 2016 in Hua Hin, Thailand (Mar...
    Date2016.04.03 CategoryTHA Reply0 Views250 file
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  10. 3958_Australia-Pacific Provincial Chapter 20_Concludes

    By Fr. Bernie Graham, SDB Lysterfield, Australia, April 1, 2016 - The 20th Provincial Chapter of the Australian-Pacific Province was brought to a conclusion. The first two sessions of this final day focused on discussio...
    Date2016.04.02 CategoryAUL Reply0 Views323 file
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