1. 4041_First Superior of the PGS Viceprovince

    Rector Major has appointed Fr Pedro BAQUERO Junior By Our Own Correspondent Pisana, 21 June 2016 -- After the establishment of the new Vice province of Blessed Philip Rinaldi, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands (23...
    Date2016.06.22 CategoryPGS Reply1 Views2276 file
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  2. 4040_A special Good Night Talk in Salesianum

    A new enthusiasm of Don Bosco Past Pupils By Our Own Correspondent Rome, Italy, 19 June 2016 -- The newly elected World Council of the Don Bosco Past Pupils held its first annual meeting last week (June 14-19) in the...
    Date2016.06.21 CategoryWorld Reply1 Views3237 file
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  3. 4039(I)_FMA School in Cambodia Visited by US Ambassador

    By Sr. Ma. Elena Estacio, FMA Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 17 June 2016 -- In the afternoon of June 17 the Sisters, teachers, non-teaching staff and student body of Don Bosco School -Teuk Thla received with warmth and delight H.E. Wi...
    Date2016.06.20 CategoryFMA Reply0 Views762 file
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  4. 4039(II)_"I miss my life, I miss my country"

    By Our Own Correspondent with Fr Bernie Graham Youth Ministry delegate AUL 20 June 2016 -- Yesterday, Pope Francis recalled in his midday Angelus greeting that Monday is World Refugee Day, sponsored by the United Nations, with...
    Date2016.06.20 CategoryEAO Reply0 Views409 file
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  5. 4038_Catholic Social Communication Workshop in Myanmar

    By Fr Leo Mang, SDB Yangon, Myanmar, 14 June 2016 -- Within the 22 countries of the EAO region Fr. Leo Mang (MYM) is the only Salesian working on full time for the Bishops Conference as the Social Communication National Dire...
    Date2016.06.20 CategoryMYM Reply0 Views324 file
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  6. 4037(II)_Good and Faithful Servant

    Br. Vincent SHINKAI passed away in Beppu By Fr Mario Yamanouchi, SDB Beppu, Japan, 17 June 2016 -- Br. Vincent SHINKAI passed away in Beppu (Salesio House) on June 17, 2016 at 80 years of age, living for past 55 years as...
    Date2016.06.19 CategoryGIA Reply0 Views298 file
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  7. 4037(I)_'For Christ Novices' Stage an Academy

    By Nov. John Paolo Romero Lawaan, the Philippines, 19 June 2016 -- The ‘For Christ Novices' of the Don Bosco Sacred Heart Novitiate, with the special participation of the Don Bosco Youth Center-Lawaan, staged an academy in hon...
    Date2016.06.19 CategoryFIN Reply0 Views396 file
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  8. 4036_New Superior for the ITM Vice-Province

    By Our Own Correspondent Rome, 19 June 2016 -- After the appointment of Fr Virgilio da Silva as Bishop of Dili (ITM Superior from January 2015 until January 2016) and after the consultation conducted on May 21-29, 2016 the Rec...
    Date2016.06.19 CategoryTLS Reply2 Views1808 file
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  9. 4035(II)_EAO new provincials pilgrimage

    By Fr Vaclav Klement Rome, 18 June 2016 -- Today has ended in the General House in Rome the regular course for the new provincials. Among a (small) group of 7 new provincials were also Fr. Godofredo Atienza (FIS) and Fr. Josep...
    Date2016.06.18 CategoryEAO Reply0 Views309 file
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  10. 4035(I)_Understanding Science at Don Bosco Technical School

    By Fr Ambrose Pereira, SDB Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, 14 June 2016 -- Learning does not only take place within the four walls of a classroom. Students learn greatly if they are given an opportunity to interact with each o...
    Date2016.06.18 CategoryPGS Reply0 Views359 file
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