1. 3856(I)_Pursue the adventure in the Holy Spirit - SF 400

    By Fr. Lanfranco Fedrigotti, SDB Hong Kong, 1 January 2016 - When we are now reading the fresh commentary to the Strenna 2016 of the Rector Major 'WITH JESUS, let us pursue the adventure of the Spirit together!' we can be help...
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  2. 3855(II)_The Year of Mercy and Migrants-Refugees

    By Fr. Vaclav Klement, SDB More than one million refugees and migrants have reached Europe by sea since the start of 2015, the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) says. More than 80% of the 1,000,573 people arrived in Greece...
    Date2015.12.31 CategoryEAO Reply0 Views1390 file
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  3. 3855(I)_Imperial donation to Nakatsu

    By Fr. Peter Muramatsu, SDB Oita, Japan, 23 December 2015 - On the occasion of a birthday of His Majesty the Emperor, the "St.Joseph Dormitory' or 'Boys and Girls Home' social welfare Salesian facility located in Nakatsu (Oita...
    Date2015.12.31 CategoryGIA Reply0 Views1035 file
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  4. 3854_The 'austraLasia' news – Back to the Future

    By Bro. Hilario Seo, SDB The austraLasia, news & Boscolink is becoming more and more a visible icon of our EAO region. Since the launch of a new BOSCOLINK website ( on 3rd February 2015 there is an averag...
    Date2015.12.31 CategoryEAO Reply0 Views1049 file
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  5. 3853(II)_Provincial day cum Christmas celebration

    By Bro. Amilcar D’Silva, SDB Venilale, Timor Leste, 29 December 2015 - The Salesian Priests, Brothers and the novices in Timor Leste hold a provincial day in the community of Blessed Philip Rinaldi – Venilale. It’s a special d...
    Date2015.12.30 CategoryTLS Reply0 Views933 file
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  6. 3853(I)_Christmas Carnival for children at Bathon community

    By Thien Phong, SDB Ba Thon, Vietnam, 27 December 2015 - During Christmas season, Bathon Novitiate held a Christmas fair for children in the local area. All children around Bathon parish from 4 to 15, both Catholic and non- Ca...
    Date2015.12.30 CategoryVIE Reply0 Views1468 file
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  7. 3852_Greateful and satisfied at the end of 2015

    Don Bosco Agromechanical Technology Center By Bro. Louis Parolin, SDB Legazpi City, Philippines, 29 Decembre 2015 - Don Bosco Legazpi assists people from rural areas of Bicol Region in two fields: skill training for empl...
    Date2015.12.29 CategoryFIN Reply0 Views781 file
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  8. 3851(II)_Feast of the Holy Family - Family visit

    By Fr. Vaclav Klement, SDB Brno - Zidenice, Czech Republic, December 27,2015 - It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the Holy Family Feast in my hometown of Brno (Czech Republic) with my mother (Maria, 82 years) who is a...
    Date2015.12.28 CategoryEAO Reply2 Views1313 file
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  9. 3851(I)_With a grateful heart

    I'm always happy to serve! Sharing of a senior salesian missionary By Fr. Felice Furlan, SDB Negros Island, Philippines, 28 December 2015 - Dear Friends and Benefactors! In these days we are celebrating the Birth of Jesus. ...
    Date2015.12.28 CategoryFIS Reply1 Views1058 file
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  10. 3850(IV)_Celebration of Love, Peace and Joy!

    By Fr. Antony Kishore, SDB Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 27 December, 2015: On December 25, 2015 Don Bosco Technical School had its colorful Christmas celebration. Around three hundred students and staffs both from Don Bosco School a...
    Date2015.12.27 CategoryMong. Reply0 Views892 file
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