1. 4514_"I don't know why not all Salesian are missionaries!"

    Interview with Fr. Jozef Toth: Happy dedicated life of a mission founder in Yakutia By Our Own Correspondent Aldan, Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russian Federation, 5 October 2017 -- Fr. Jozef Toth (65 years of age, Slov...
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  2. 4513_FIN Province Holds First Assembly on Vocation Animation

    By Cl. John Paolo Romero, SDB and Fr. Donnie Duchin Duya, SDB Makati City, the Philippines, 4 October 2017 -- The Salesian Assembly on Vocation Empowerment or its acronym SAVE succinctly intends to do is to foster a greater consc...
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  3. 4512_What can the Don Bosco Alumni contribute to the Salesian Family?

    Blessed Albert Marvelli - model for everyday holiness (October 5) By Our Own Correspondent EXDB, 4 October 2017 -- Blessed Albert Marvelli was a young man in love with life, with people and with God, always in the mid...
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  4. 4511(II)_Gratitude for implanting the Catholic community in the remote corner of Siberia

    Celebrating the Silver Jubilee in the Periphery (I) - Yakutsk By Our Own Correspondent Yakutsk, Autonomous Republic of Sakcha, Russia Federation, 1 October 2017 -- More than 9000 km from Bratislava (Slovakia) where th...
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  5. 4511(I)_Water Woe in Araimiri

    Water tanks donated by the Salesian Missions, New Rochelle, USA By Fr. Shoji Mathew, SDB Araimiri, PNG, 30 September 2017 -- Don Bosco Araimiri Secondary School is located in a very remote area, thus is unable to rece...
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  6. 4510(II)_'Educating to fraternal humanism'

    Building a civilization of love, 50 years after Populorum progressio: guidelines for Catholic educational institutions from the Holy See By Our Own Correspondent Vatican -- On September 25th, the Vatican Congregation ...
    Date2017.10.01 CategoryWorld Reply0 Views466 file
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  7. 4510(I)_If there is a will, there is a way…

    Anthony Wale's vocation story By Anthony Wale Honiara, Solomon Islands, 30 September -- My name is Anthony Wale, from Solomon Islands. My first spark of interest of joining the Salesians of Don Bosco was way back in 2...
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  8. 4509_3000 Young people accompanied over past 50 years

    Golden Jubilee Year of Don Bosco Youth Center - Seoul By Fr. Benedict Kim, SDB Seoul, Korea, 30 September 2017 -- On March 3, 1967 were enrolled free of charge the first 19 trainees to Don Bosco Youth Center, newly es...
    Date2017.09.30 CategoryKOR Reply0 Views204 file
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  9. 4508_Testimony on the holiness of Fr. Carlo Braga

    Fr. John Baptist Zen from CIN By Fr. Ding Cortez, SDB Pampanga, the Philippines, 27 September 2017 -- We thank Fr. John Baptist Zen, SDB (86 years, based in Taiwan - Tainan community, former provincial of China) for v...
    Date2017.09.29 CategoryFIN Reply1 Views456 file
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  10. 4507_Outreaching Salesian parish in Seoul

    The only Salesian parish in Korea: Guro 3 Dong Parish! By Bro. Bosco Park Kyengseok, SDB Seoul, Korea, 28 September 2017 -- Catholic Church in Korea is grateful to God for the steadfast growth in past 50 years. Among ...
    Date2017.09.28 CategoryKOR Reply0 Views306 file
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