1. 4862(IV)_Recharging missionary batteries in Rome: "I'm very proud of Don Bosco!"

    24th UPS missionary formation course: first time in English By Fr. Andrew Tin (VIE - Mongolia Delegation) RMG, 25 September 2018 -- There are 19 of us here at present who have come from around the Salesian world; next we...
    Date2018.09.26 CategoryRMG Reply0 Views195 file
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  2. 4853(II)_Who is the Delegate for the Youth Ministry?

    Youth Ministry Delegate Handbook - edition 2018 By YM Sector RMG, 16 September 2018 -- Already four years ago was published the third edition (2014) of the Framework of Salesian Youth Ministry during the GC 27. In eight ...
    Date2018.09.17 CategoryRMG Reply0 Views711 file
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  3. 4845(II)_The face of new Salesian missionaries 2018

    The new missionary course of the 149th expedition started at Sacro Cuore By Cl. Paul Bao, SDB (VIE) RMG, 9 September 2018 -- Four weeks before the 149th Salesian Missionary Expedition (Valdocco, September 30) the new miss...
    Date2018.09.09 CategoryRMG Reply0 Views566 file
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  4. 4844(II)_Salesians are following the path of fidelity

    Rector major's greeting as GC28 fast approaches By Our Own Correspondent RMG, 8 September 2018 -- On the Feastday of Nativity of Our Lady, September 8, the Rector Major, Fr. Angel Fernandez Artime released his letter inc...
    Date2018.09.08 CategoryRMG Reply0 Views577 file
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  5. 4831(II)_Whispering the Gospel in Asia

    Salesian Mission Day 2018: 7 Videos finally available online By Missions Sector RMG, 25 August 2018 -- Although the 2018 Salesian Mission Day videos were distributed already 6 months ago on the USB sent to the 90 Sales...
    Date2018.08.26 CategoryRMG Reply0 Views310 file
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  6. 4811(III)_A shining model of Salesian Brother - Venerable Sima'an Srugi

    EAO Salesian Brother Congress journey with Brother Simon Srugi (1877-1943) By Fr. Ivo Coelho, SDB General Councilor for Formation RMG, 8 August 2018 -- Since our Salesian Brother, Venerable Simaan Srugi lived very lo...
    Date2018.08.08 CategoryRMG Reply0 Views617 file
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  7. 4806(II)_Salesian Brothers at the service of the Rector Major

    EAO Salesian Brothers at Sacro Cuore, General House 2018 By Our Own Correspondent RMG, 2 August 2018 -- Before the 7th Salesian Brother Congress many EAO Brothers have been asking about the Salesian Brothers role and tas...
    Date2018.08.03 CategoryRMG Reply0 Views321 file
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  8. 4798(III)_Road Map and strong support on the 6 year journey of GIA

    Three days with the Rector Major to get the Road Map 2024 By Our Own Correspondent RMG, 25 July 2018 -- Accompanied by the Fr. Mario YAMANOUCHI, Bishop elect of Saitama and his predecessor (as interpreter) the new provinc...
    Date2018.07.26 CategoryRMG Reply0 Views278 file
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  9. 4794(III)_How can we implement art. 45 of SDB Constitutions?

    Sharing the Wisdom about Salesian Brother Vocation: Deep reflection from Rome - Brother Jess Garcia (PGS) By Bro. Jesus (Jess) Garcia, SDB Economer of St Joseph Community Sacro Cuore (Rome-Italy) RMG, 21 July 2018 -- ...
    Date2018.07.22 CategoryRMG Reply1 Views284 file
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  10. 4787(III)_Holiness for you, too!

    Strenna 2019: presentation of the theme By Our Own Correspondent RMG, 13 July 2018 -- "So that my joy may be in you" (John 15: 11). As every year since 2014, the Rector Major shared in the beginning of July the Present...
    Date2018.07.14 CategoryRMG Reply0 Views885 file
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