1. 4434(I)_We are Family: Happy and Holy like Don Bosco

    The Third Bosconian Youth Encounter (BYE) By Fr.Prastowo Vincent De Paul, SDB Blitar, Indonesia, 9 July 2017 -- On July 5th & 6, we, Bosconian from different communities and different Salesian setting of Indonesia...
    Date2017.07.13 CategoryInd. Reply0 Views109 file
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  2. 4081(I)_Every call is an indication that the Lord loves the Congregation

    Thtree New Salesians of Indonesia By Fr. Andre Delimarta, SDB Novicemaster Sumba, Indonesia, 24 July 2016 -- The Delegation of Indonesia (ITM) celebrated with gratitude and joy the first profession of three young Sale...
    Date2016.07.26 CategoryInd. Reply0 Views183 file
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  3. 4016(II)_A small is beautiful

    Don Bosco Sumba By Fr Adie Prianto, SDB Sumba, Indonesia, 27 May 2016 -- The island of Sumba has a special position among the 14.000 islands of the Indonesia archipelago. Being originally a very strong animist religi...
    Date2016.05.27 CategoryInd. Reply0 Views334 file
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  4. 3765(II)_Surabaya - model for inter-religious dialogue of life

    By Fr. Reo Ferdinandus, SDB Surabaya, Indonesia, October 11, 2015 - As many other EAO Salesian communities in the Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand or Mindanao also the Surabaya - St. Michael Parish based community of two Salesian...
    Date2015.10.12 CategoryInd. Reply0 Views800 file
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  5. 3760(II)_Happy Birthday in Purwodadi - Central Java

    By Fr. Matius Sudiantoro, SDB Java, Indonesia, October 7, 2015 - After 18 months of our new presence in Purwodadi (diocese of Purwokerto, Central Java) we got the first visit from the EAO regional council, just on his birthday...
    Date2015.10.08 CategoryInd. Reply2 Views1168 file
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  6. 3759(I)_Serpong - Zatti community for the specialization of Salesian Brothers

    By Fr. Ramoncito Padilla, SDB Jakarta, Indonesia - More then two years after the foundation of this Salesian presence in Jakarta, the community for the specialization of Salesian Brother (Indonesia - Timor Leste) is living a...
    Date2015.10.06 CategoryInd. Reply0 Views1044 file
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  7. 3699(II)_Ordination in Yogyakarta

    By Robert Rayendra Yudhika Yogyakarta, Indonesia - On the 28th of July, the rite of ordination was held in the Holy Family Church belonging to the Nazareth Community of the MSF Studentate located in Jalan Kaliurang, Yogyakar...
    Date2015.08.09 CategoryInd. Reply0 Views1042 file
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  8. 3684(III)_The new pastoral year started in Sumba community

    By Fr. Belo Lino, SDB Sumba, Indonesia, July 24 - The new pastoral year started in Sumba community, with the installation of the new rector and novice master Fr. Andre Delimarta, presided by new the Delegate - Superior for ...
    Date2015.07.24 CategoryInd. Reply1 Views1172 file
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  9. 3667_Indonesia DB 200 Youth Camp

    By Fr. Andre Delimarta, SDB The Salesian Youth Pastoral Commission of the delegation of Indonesia together with the youth of St John Bosco Parish of Jakarta organized a full week Bosconian Youth Gathering (28june-5july 2015) in celeb...
    Date2015.07.09 CategoryInd. Reply0 Views997 file
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