1. 4389(III)_Graduation ceremony in Don Bosco Non-formal School

    By Fr. Anthony Kishore Minj, SDB Darkhan, Mongolia, 24 May 2017 -- It was a great moment of joy for Don Bosco study center Darkhan as the school organized a graduation day. The students who had an intensive 50 days cour...
    Date2017.05.26 CategoryMong. Reply0 Views100 file
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  2. 4383(II)_Visibility of Salesian Brother (1)

    Mongolia By Bro. Andrew Le Phuong, SDB Ulaanbbatar, Mongolia, 18 May 2017 -- One of the strategic themes for the EAO Salesian Brother Congress 2018 preparation seems be their visibility. How to foster the visibility o...
    Date2017.05.18 CategoryMong. Reply0 Views259 file
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  3. 4370(III)_Extra-ordinary visitation of Fr. Vaclav Klement

    Mongolia Delegation By Fr. Anthony Kishore Minj Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 3 May 2017 -- Regional Superior of EAO, Fr. Vaclav Klement SDB arrived in the Land of Chingiz Khaan (Mongolia) on April 29, 2017 for the Extra-ord...
    Date2017.05.09 CategoryMong. Reply0 Views5 file
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  4. 4368(I)_New Frontiers of Mongolia

    Don Bosco Youth Development Center – Khutuul, Selenge province By Fr. Simon Lee, SDB Vice-rector Darkhan Khutuul, Mongolia, 2 May 2017 -- Two years after the starting of a humble Don Bosco Development center in Khut...
    Date2017.05.09 CategoryMong. Reply0 Views6 file
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  5. 4353_Mongolia Delegation Asks your Prayers (for Fr. Carlo Villegas)

    Easter 2017, Mongolia Missionary diary By Fr. Paul Leung, SDB Delegate of Mongolia Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 18 April 2017 April 16 : Happy Easter! Today I have not so good news to share with you: Yesterday evenin...
    Date2017.04.20 CategoryMong. Reply0 Views91 file
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  6. 4342_Continuation of the Re-reading of General Chapter 27

    By Fr. Anthony Kishore Minj, SDB Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 30 March 2017 -- All the missionaries working at present in Mongolia had the second part of the re-reading, reflection and evaluation of the GC 27 on the local conte...
    Date2017.04.03 CategoryMong. Reply0 Views123 file
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  7. 4305_Re-reading of GC 27 (Mini-chapter) in Mongolia

    By Anthony Kishore Minj, SDB Darkhan, Mongolia, 23 February 2017 -- The Salesian missionaries working at present in Mongolia gathered together to re-read, to reflect and to set a vision mission in the local (Mongolian) context...
    Date2017.02.23 CategoryMong. Reply0 Views193 file
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  8. 4276(I)_Don Bosco’s Feast cum Graduation Day

    By Fr. Anthony Kishore Minj, SDB Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia January 31, 2017 -- The Feast of Don Bosco was celebrated with great exuberant in Ulaanbaatar on January 31, 2017. The celebration began in the morning at 10 am wit...
    Date2017.02.01 CategoryMong. Reply0 Views163 file
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  9. 4233(I)_Thrilling Christmas Celebration

    By Fr. Anthony Kishore Minj, SDB Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 23 December 2016 -- The entire atmosphere of Don Bosco technical school Ulaanbaatar was filled with excitement and joy as more than 200 students and the staff packed the ...
    Date2016.12.24 CategoryMong. Reply0 Views69 file
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  10. 4230_Youth and children free magazine in Mongolia

    By Fr. Jaroslav Vracovsky Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 16 December 2016 -- A new Don Bosco Magazine (issue n.7) for children and young people has been just released. The magazine printed about 5000 copies in 20 pages of A4 size. ...
    Date2016.12.17 CategoryMong. Reply0 Views507 file
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