1. 4535(II)_Welcome to the House of the Father, Fr. Udom!

    Fr. Edward Udom Nidhibhadrabhorn passed away By Fr. Aaron Alcoseba, SDB Vice-provincial Bangkok, Thailand, 30 October 2017 -- Our beloved confrere Fr. Edward Udom Nidhibhadrabhorn passed away on October 30 at St. Lo...
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  2. 4518(III)_Youth Camp in north of Thailand

    Chiang Mai Youth Camp 2017 By Bro. Saraphan Kaeser, SDB Chiang Mai, Thailand, 9 October 2017 -- The youth pastoral team of the Thai Province organised Salesian experience camping for tribal people of the North of Thai...
    Date2017.10.10 CategoryTHA Reply0 Views135 file
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  3. 4483(I)_How to motivate young past pupils in East Asia Oceania

    Past Pupils Animation Visit in Thailand By Alberto Sequeira Alves Piedade Don Bosco Past Pupils World Councilor for Asia-Oceania, GEX Bangkok, Thailand, 29 August 2017 -- Upon the arrival of GEX Councilor for Asia i...
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  4. 4479(I)_The Funeral of Father Albert Gustav Roosens, SDB

    The 91 – 60 – 60 Missionary By Fr. Aaron Alcoseba, SDB Banpong, Thailand, 16 August 2017 -- The long life of 91 years old, more than 60 years of priesthood and more than 60 years of missionary life in this ‘land of th...
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  5. 4478(II)_Fr. Joseph Sanong Chornthong passed away

    By Fr. Kriengsak Joseph, SDB Hua Hin, Thailand -- On the 22nd August 2017 passed away in Hua Hin, Thailand, to the House of the Father our beloved Salesian Priest Sanong Chornthong at the age of 82 years - after 57 years of Sa...
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  6. 4477(I)_Visiting needy families in Hua Hin

    Inspiration by the Seminar on Initial proclamation of Jesus By Fr. John Tamayo, SDB Hua Hin, Thailand, 23 August 2017 -- After our seminar on Initial Proclamation in Sampran, Bangkok, I got inspired by the sharing of ...
    Date2017.08.24 CategoryTHA Reply0 Views187 file
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  7. 4473(II)_Raising the missionary awareness of the Salesians

    Annual meeting of the PDMA 2017: New missionary delegates with new enthusiasm - Men on fire! By Our Own Correspondent Sam Phran, Thailand, 19 August 2017 -- Since 2015 (Seoul, Korea) is held every year the annual re...
    Date2017.08.20 CategoryTHA Reply0 Views140 file
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  8. 4472(II)_Way Forward for Initial Proclamation: Animation-Awareness-Synergy

    EAO and South Asia Initial Proclamation: Way Forward (V) By Our Own Correspondent Sam Phran, Thailand, 18 August 2017 -- On the fifth and last full day (August 18) of the EAO and South Asia Inter-regional Missionary Anim...
    Date2017.08.19 CategoryTHA Reply0 Views281 file
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  9. 4471(II)_"SDB and FMA together for the young is the best initial proclamation

    Initial Proclamation: Focus on the Salesian hearts (IV) By Our Own Correspondent Sam Phran, Thailand, 17 August 2017 -- The fourth full day (August 17) of the Missionary Animation and Formation Seminar on Initial Proc...
    Date2017.08.18 CategoryTHA Reply0 Views177 file
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  10. 4468(III)_At your Word I will let down the Net (Luke 5,5)

    Archbishop Thomas shares his missionary life inspiration Initial Proclamation of Jesus in Asia and Oceania (III) By Our Own Correspondent Sam Phran, Thailand, 15 August, 2017 -- The eighty SDB and FMA participants o...
    Date2017.08.16 CategoryTHA Reply0 Views127 file
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